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HPE adds NVIDIA Deep Learning training as a free Discover workshop and more


Last week, HPE announced its use of NVIDIA GPUs and next generation Tesla GPUs based on Volta® architecture as part of its High Performance Computing (HPC) server technologies. In addition, Bill Mannel our HPE VP of HPC and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Segment Solutions, wrote an excellent article on the role of Deep Learning and AI capabilities in our solutions approach.

In the world of AI, Deep Learning (or deep neural networks) is one of the more exciting topics to come along in a few years. Why AI and why now? It seems to be spurred and enabled by the confluence of three key factors:

  • Availability of high quality GPUs
  • The availability of huge quantities of digital data
  • For the first time, computer systems within the last couple of years have developed the capability to create better learning algorithms than humans are able to construct

To support all of the interest, HPE is now announcing availability to our customers of training on Deep Learning AI as provided by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.

Who should be interested in training on Deep Learning (DL) AI?

According to  data scientist Jeremy Howard, just about everyone should be interested in DL AI. This technology is described by Jeremy as the fourth industrial revolution. DL/AI will touch just about everything, from now to forever. He compares the embed of DL AI technology into computing, as being similar to how engines were embedded into hand tools in the nineteenth century. He claims that all of this DL AI will start to change the human experience, and even what it means to be human.

DL is definitely getting noticed as it's an encompassing, far-reaching technology.

The Ted Radio Hour NPR show focused on The Digital Industrial Revolution as their topic of interest on April 21, 2017. The segment with Jeremy summarizes all of this which I’m sharing here:

AI Developers and technical professionals working with HPE Servers and SGI need NVIDIA DLI training

As HPE continues to expand its use of DL AI technology within our servers, we anticipate that technical professionals and AI developers working with our systems will benefit most from this training. NVIDIA is seeing a high volume of interest and engagement in DL training, from developers, data scientists, psychologists, doctors, and other science-based professionals. Researchers using Big Data solutions, for example, will benefit from this training.

HPE’s training is available globally, to advance and accelerate the need to understand this ground-breaking technology.

Is programming a requirement? Exposure to programming languages like python and C++, is certainly useful as a way of understanding DL AI. However, core programming is not required; instead, what’s required is the ability to learn and understand what the programming libraries for different industries contain.

Free NVIDIA ½-Day DLI Workshop at HPE Discover Las Vegas

First, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve worked with the NVIDIA team to add a ½-day workshop on Deep Learning AI to our customer training schedule at HPE Discover Las Vegas. This workshop is straight from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI), and you can find the details on this exciting new training opportunity on the HPE agenda builder.

To find this workshop, visit the HPE Discover agenda builder at:

Then, search on Training. You’ll see NVIDIA workshop towards the bottom of the list on page one of the search results. This session is NOW LIVE in the HPE Discover agenda builder - so claim your seat now.

HPE offers NVIDIA DLI workshops as part of our training portfolio

We are in the process of introducing NVIDIA DLI workshops delivered by NVIDIA-certified HPE instructors, as part of the training portfolios available from HPE. This is of interest to our customers, because now HPE Training Credits can be redeemed for NVIDIA training.

Would you like to learn more about our plans for offering NVIDIA DLI training on Deep Learning AI from HPE? Please check our new page for all of the relevant links and information:

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Hi all - I'm pleased to let you know, that the HPE Discover Agenda Builder is now live with the NVIDIA 1/2-day workshop.

To register on this session click here:

This is the session for which you are looking:

NVIDIA workshop at Discover.PNGHPE Discover workshop on NVIDIA Deep Learning AI