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Heading to HPE Discover Las Vegas? Learn Best Practices for IT Transformation


These days, IT can either be a limiting factor or a core enabler in helping your company reach its full potential. The rapid advance of IT technologies like virtualization and cloud computing—as well as the advent and widespread adoption of mobile devices--has changed the business landscape forever.

Rafael Brugnini, the Senior VP and General Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology Services Consulting, shared his thoughts on the increasing pace of technology change in a September 2015 article entitled “The Digitization of Everything – disruptor or disrupted?” Brugnini asked: “Does the digitization of everything represent an opportunity or threat for your business? The likelihood is that it’s a bit of both, but surely better the disruptor than the disrupted?”

rafa.jpgRafael Brugnini, Senior VP and General Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology Services Consulting

The Digitization of Everything

This digitization of everything – of IT resources and services that now become more fluid and adaptable than ever before – can represent both breathtaking opportunity and costly peril for companies trying to embrace a more agile form of IT.

“The digitization of everything breaks up traditional business models and requires companies, large or small, to rethink their strategy in a world where it’s all about speed, agility, flexibility and innovation,” Brugnini says. “In this technology-driven world, it takes more than good ideas to be successful. The differentiator for an enterprise really is how quickly it can turn ideas into value.”

The Need for a Trusted IT Services Partner

Yet technology itself isn’t always the answer, and that’s why companies facing challenges from fast-moving competitors need to embrace a philosophy where IT can be a force of empowerment and change, rather than a limiting factor that creates obstacles to business success.

If you’re attending HPE Discover this year (Las Vegas, June 7-9), learn about how HPE Technology Services Consulting can help you become a disruptor or empower you to compete.  Join Brugnini, Cushing Anderson, Program VP for IDC, and Daryl Ganas, VP, Global IT Enterprise Group, in a spotlight session entitled “Best practices for IT transformation; achieving competitive differentiation in the idea economy” that will show how HPE can make technology work for companies of all sizes and industries. See more details on the spotlight session below:

Title: Best practices for IT transformation; achieving competitive differentiation in the idea economy

Session ID: SL9197

Session URL:

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 08, 2016 - 04:00 p.m. - 05:00 p.m.   

“Join us at Discover Las Vegas and find out how we in Technology Services Consulting can help you transform your IT so that you can stay ahead of the curve in this constantly changing environment,” Brugnini says. “I am looking forward to meeting you there!”

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