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Healthcare at Discover 2016: Patient empowerment drives massive disruption in healthcare


The digital economy has many lessons to teach, and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in—change is coming if it hasn’t already arrived. The healthcare industry is no exception. In fact, trends indicate that demand is rising just as industry experience and resources are in decline.

As people live longer, they require ever more costly and sophisticated treatments, which increases stresses on providers—especially those still relying on fragmented and paper-based systems.

At the same time, the average patient has been empowered by unprecedented access to information and technology. In an industry that once prized its exclusive knowledge as a key to success, how does healthcare move forward to embrace the information age?

It’s no surprise the healthcare industry is finding itself in a major identity crisis. Now that information and knowledge is moving ever closer to the patient, the patient begins to emerge as the expert in their own health and disease management.

Put simply, institutions that embrace the informed, empowered patient are the future of healthcare.

So how does the industry navigate the biggest disruption in its history? There are many answers, but they all point to the same strategic ideas: operational efficiency, clinical outcomes, and patient experiences.

Some of the answers don’t even seem to make sense on their surface. Can you actually improve healthcare by cutting down on the number of times a patient visits a facility? Enable wellness programs that reduce the need for physical visits, and you can drive down wait times at hospitals, deliver improved outcomes, and improve the patient experience.

Getting there means intensive planning and preparation: creating citizen well-being portals, physician communication channels, and enabling patient information systems that follow you wherever you go.

Surviving and thriving in the disrupted healthcare world means integrating software, servers, storage, and networking in new ways, while leveraging big data solutions to provide real-time insights.

Done right, it makes good on the promise of transitioning the doctor from the center of the healthcare universe and redefining the relationship between healthcare provider and patient.

Looking for a technology partner to help you on your journey? For 50+ years, HPE has been delivering innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.

At HPE Discover 2016 Las Vegas, we’ll be sharing an immersive, relatable experience showcasing examples of our healthcare initiatives, including demos of our Citizen Health and Well-being Portal, our TeleHealthcare Solution, Healthcare Analytics, and Innovation and Integration in Healthcare. All demonstration areas will be available for the duration of Discover, from Tuesday, June 7 at 9 a.m. through Thursday, June 9 at 4 p.m.

In addition, HPE’s industry team will offer hour-long presentations on specific challenges and solutions, including in-depth sessions on: improving clinical efficiency and the patient experience with real-world analytics; a panel discussing innovations in healthcare and the legal and medical ethics of Telemedicine; the improvement of patient engagement in the new healthcare operating model; a discussion on saving lives with private cloud; the development of a system for consistent reporting with HPE ALM at DaVita Healthcare; a presentation of HPE BladeSystem—the path to Composable Infrastructure; and a discussion of what’s new with HPE OneView—accelerating IT service delivery with infrastructure automation.

Find a full schedule of presentations, demo locations, and learn more at:


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