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Herding cats and Big Data


Mark Esparza is currently a Senior Consultant advising HP’s customers on cloud and converged infrastructure transformation programs in the Americas. He has over 30 years of experience in global IT operations, financial management, and IT strategic planning and consulting. Mark completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of California, Berkeley.

Having huge amounts of data to work with can be good or bad. It’s good (great, actually) if you can find ways to extract useful nuggets from the over 2.5 quintillion bytes of information generated worldwide every day. This treasure trove of information can become a significant source of business advantage for those organizations that can successfully corral it.

But corralling it is exactly the challenge. For one thing, there’s just so much if it. And the processing and analysis needed to extract value can double or triple the size of the original data set. What’s more, in contrast to the usual transactional data the business has been using, perhaps 90 percent of the data available today is unstructured. That means it hasn’t been shoehorned into a standard file structure or format, making meaningful access difficult. This is when and how big data can be just like herding cats ... and that’s bad.

Taking the good without the bad
Dealing with the opportunities and challenges of Big Data calls for nothing less than a transformation of the conventional IT infrastructure. You’ll need changes that go far beyond simply adding processing power and increasing storage system capacity. Big Data also crosses traditional organizational and departmental structures, so changes have to be made enterprise-wide. As is the case with most large-scale initiatives, the big question is: “Where do I start?”  

The answer we propose is: “With HP.” With our help, you can prepare your infrastructure to take advantage of whatever the datasphere has to offer. The consulting services available from HP Technology Services take you smoothly from concept to planning to design to implementation. In the process, we work closely with you to create the Big Data solution that will serve you best.  

Here’s what we offer and the results you can expect:     

  • Big Data Transformation Experience Workshop is the perfect place to start. This 1-2 day engagement drives consensus through the company as to the current state, as well as the desires and aspirations for big data. It also provides you with an initial roadmap of next steps.
  • Big Data Classification & Profiling Service includes data analysis to profile the data landscape, identify data for archiving, categorize the live data into tiers, and create an initial view on which areas could provide value back into the organization
  • Big Data Roadmap Service includes a detailed review of the existing data landscape, service provision and infrastructure.  It uses the insight gained in Transformation Experience Workshop to produce a high-level design and roadmap to achieve your organization’s aspirations.
  • Big Data Design & Implementation creates a detailed program of works to deliver on the roadmap. It minimizes outages and impact to the organization, while ensuring a swift and safe transformation to the new world of scale-out infrastructure and high-performance analytics.

This process helps you really understand your data landscape. And that puts you on the path to making insightful business decisions that directly correlate with your customers’ needs and desires. You stop herding cats and start realizing the enormous potential of analytics.  

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- Mark Esparza

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