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How to Prosper Along Your Digital Transformation Journey


Business used to rely on technology, but now technology is business, and IT experience is the customer experience. Navigating and harnessing digital transformation is how to get ahead—creating new customer experiences, optimizing core business operations, accelerating new products and services, or finding new markets.

HPE_LAS2017_11443.jpgIf you’ve been following recent IT trends, digital business platforms are erasing traditional “silos of operation,” opening up additional opportunities to enhance customer experiences and accelerate time to value. These opportunities though, raise additional questions such as how to decide on the right hybrid IT mix and who has the skills to maintain and support the new environment. 

HPE Pointnext is an innovative IT services organization built to make Hybrid IT simple and power the Intelligent Edge. As an agile technology partner, we help you to modernize your legacy infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud, and maximize the value of your connected devices. And your mission is our mission: we help you to drive rapid transformation across your enterprise all on your own terms.

At HPE Discover 2017 in Madrid, HPE Pointnext will be looking to accelerate outcomes for customers by discussing top trends, new innovation, and breakthrough opportunities. Take a look at what we’ve got in store:

Powering the Intelligent Edge

By 2019, up to 43% of IoT data will be analyzed at the edge. Learn how to create data-driven outcomes from the convergence of your people, apps, data, and things by combining edge-to-core computing with the right connectivity and security.

Flexible IT Consumption Models

What we hear from our customers, and from industry analysts is that the cloud experience has shaped what business leaders expect from IT.   The pay as you go, rapid scalability, operated for you model will become common.   It is so much more flexible and easier to work with that it’s expected that the industry will adopt a consumption model across the board, including for on premises IT.

Simplifying Hybrid IT:

The new era of digital requires an optimized Hybrid IT strategy from the core fo the data center to the edge, to handle the growing diversity of apps and data. HPE Pointnext can help you develop and support your right mix, to simplify what you have today and accelerate future outcomes.

HPE_LAS2017_08323.jpgWhat’s Next From Our Leadership Team

Register now to attend HPE Discover 2017 in Madrid, Spain. If you won’t be able to attend in person, be sure to follow along on Twitter with #HPEDiscover and #HPEPointnext, as well as watching the livestream on the HPE Discover website.


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