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Intelligent Spaces at Aruba Atmosphere



By Jordan Whitmarsh

WW Workplace & Mobility Strategist


The explosion of mobility and abundance of connectivity has changed our lives. It has changed the way we socialize, the way we play, and the way we work. Organizations today are looking to embrace this mobile technology, as it has proven to make them more successful. When employees work for companies who pursue mobile strategies that support the ability to work anywhere at any time, 49% said it made them more productive and 38% said it made them more satisfied with work1.

In addition, the profound effect of mobility in the workplace has changed our expectations of technology-powered experiences and facilitated a move to greater collaboration. It’s now more important than ever before to use the physical workplace to inspire, empower, and bring employees together—with both physical and digital strategies. This requires organizations to think holistically about building design and the physical space together, with the type of technology that needs to be in place to support it.


The Office can be Intelligent

Enter HPE Intelligent Spaces - Workplace, where IoT, cloud, location services and mobility technology converge to make a personalized and productive experience in the office.

HPE Intelligent Spaces - Workplace is a consulting solution that integrates traditional workplace productivity technologies from Microsoft and others with IoT and data analytics to deliver spaces that work better for employees. By layering sources of context such as location data, identity and calendar information and integrating it with traditional workplace systems, employee and visitor experiences can be seamlessly integrated.  Everyone can see the status of spaces and rooms in real time, including getting turn-by-turn navigation to where they need to go.  For meetings, the room knows who is participating and can automatically connect to and launch the technology for those individuals.

 The next-gen office: It’s not just about the Wi-Fi

So what does one of these next-level digital workplaces look like? Let’s take a visit to Aruba’s new  230,000 sq. ft campus in Santa Clara, California.

“When our existing facility grew insufficient for continuing to attract and retain top talent, we started planning a new location,” explains Melkote, Founder of Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. “We envisioned a campus doubling as a living laboratory, essentially serving as a giant innovation experience center for our employees, customers and partners.”This new facility it includes multiple types of community spaces, quiet zones, collaboration areas, right-sized workstations, hot desking options, a 10,000 sq. ft. Customer Experience Center (CEC) and smart innovations required to empower the GenMobile workforce.

Some call-out innovations for their technology-enabled workplace:

  • Digital Visitor Management: “Instead of manual sign-in processes, guests simply register once to gain both building and Wi-Fi credentials,” Melkote says.
  • Updated Room Scheduling: Melkote shared: “We’re partnering with meeting room management platform specialists TEEM and Robin, as well as incorporating Microsoft Office 365, to create an ‘Uber-like’ experience for conference room scheduling.”
  • Location Services: The network infrastructure and Aruba’s robust location-awareness technologies can pinpoint an individual’s whereabouts anywhere on campus, and has an opt-in capability so that employees can choose to share their presence or keep it private.
  • Employee Campus App: In the same way you might use you a mapping app to drive to a new store, the Campus App provides turn-by-turn directions to any location—the appropriate conference room, informal collaboration area, or just trying to find colleagues.


Experience it for yourself

As you can see, digital disruption is everywhere, including at work. To see part of the solution in action, you can watch the video embedded below, or you can visit us at Aruba’s Atmosphere conference in Nashville, TN February 26th- March 3rd, 2017.

I’ll be there, presenting Tuesday evening on “Building Intelligent Spaces with IoT Workflow” and would love to meet you. Come find me or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter: @JordanTechPro.


For more info on Intelligent Workplaces, take a look at the following videos:

About Jordan:

Jordan is part of the global team which defines the strategic direction for Hewlett Packard Enterprises’s consulting services portfolio for Workplace and Mobility. He is an evangelist for the role that technology plays in the building of workplace environments that inspire and engage employees while making them more effective. Jordan has been responsible for the development of HPE’s Intelligent Spaces – Workplace program and works closely with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company to build compelling digital solutions which redefine the workplace. Jordan has spent 10 years with HPE Consulting both delivering technology solutions in the field, evangelizing innovation and developing the Consulting portfolio.

  1. (“Workspace Utilization and Allocation Benchmark,” GSA Office of Government-wide Policy, July 2011).


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