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Introducing the Human Firewall


There is no such thing as a perfect system. No matter what anti-virus and anti-malware software you have working round the clock to keep your data safe, someone is going to find a way to get through. Firewalls, you say? Those can also do so much to keep your data away from pernicious intentions. The same applies to hardware: a cutting-edge piece of equipment can stay sharp for so long before it no longer scares away menaces. So what is left to protect data?

People, like you and me, often are the gatekeepers, the final obstacle between attackers and data. When, for example, you receive a suspicious email, it only takes one click to let attackers in. Knowing NOT to click that enticing link is an added level of protection that can mark the difference between a successful and failed cyber-attack. The set of skills that identifies threats and addresses them correctly is called Security Awareness, and people who have this set of skills can form a Human Firewall.

Watch the following video to better understand what a Human Firewall is, brought to you straight from HPE Discover London 2015:


As mentioned before, Security Awareness is essential to creating a Human Firewall. People can become the first (or last) line of defense in the war against cyber criminals. We believe that companies who employ the right training and incentives can deal effectively against threats, such as phishing attacks. Why not let HPE demonstrate how protecting your users, families, and friends will protect your organization, its applications, and data?

Watch the following video to see the quality of our Security Awareness solutions. Once on the web site you can also sample recordings in 25+ languages and sign up for a no-obligation, 21-day FREE trial.


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