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Key Findings at OpenStack® Summit Day 1: “From 75 to 7500 attendees!”


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Larry Hinman, @lhinman972, is attending OpenStack® Summit in Austin this week. Larry is a veteran consultant, with decades of experience guiding organizations through their datacenter designs and implementations.

Larry shares his thoughts from Day 1 of the Summit here:

“It is exciting to see all of the intellectual horsepower around OpenStack and cloud in a single venue…lots of expertise under one roof.

The OpenStack Community has grown from 75 original members to over 7500 that are attending the OpenStack Summit event…unbelievable traction within six short years and we are just getting started. 

Here are a couple of statements in which I am paraphrasing that came out of the keynotes on Day 1:

  • Today’s IT is a mix of private and public cloud architectures around the extremities in either direction, with the reality for most/all companies being something in between….”Hybrid Cloud”. 
  • IT is being managed within two spectrums today, which are: 1) Traditional IT that is more sequential emphasizing safety and accuracy, and 2) the other [approach] being more nonlinear, exploratory and aggressive to achieve higher levels of agility and speed. (Courtesy of Gartner) 

Repeatedly, there was a key theme that came out during the day, which was the need for people, process and technology to be successful with OpenStack® Technology. Here is how one speaker put it:

  • Technology is only 10% of the requirement for deploying an OpenStack cloud;
  • There is no single technology that is seamless with respect to deploying an OpenStack cloud;
  • People and processes make up the remaining 90% of the requirements for being successful.”

 People, Process and Technology = Formula to Success with OpenStack® Technology

This emphasis on people, along with process and technology, echoes the mission of HPE Education Services. Our goal with everything that we do, is to help prepare and support people through-out technology change.

To help prepare and support people in their journey to adopt OpenStack® Technology, we have introduced our new Prime subscription. For more information about what is in this key new offer, see our blog entry on Prime. You can also go here to find the datasheet and registration link:

Or, find Larry at the Summit to speak with him about Prime and other learning opportunities for OpenStack® Technology working with the HPE Education Services team. Here are some pictures from the event so you can see where Larry has been (I must say it looks like fun!):

OpenStack Under Way 2.PNGOpenStack Summit Marketplace 1.PNGOpenStack Summit Marketplace 3.PNGOpenStack Sponsors.PNGOpenStack Under Way 4.PNG

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