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Learn How to Deliver Tomorrow’s Digital Outcomes Today: Join Ana Pinczuk at HPE Discover Madrid


Keeping up with relentless pace of change in IT has always been a challenge, but today’s accelerated digital transformations have left many IT organizations gasping for air. So much is happening so fast, it’s a good idea sometimes to take the time to consider what’s around the next bend for digital, and how you can get ahead of the game.

HPE_LAS2017_08323.jpgIf you’re interested in developing that kind of strategic view for your organization, I’d strongly recommend you join our SVP and GM, Ana Pinczuk, in her session at HPE Discover 2017, coming up November 28-30 in Madrid. The session is titled HPE Pointnext delivers tomorrow’s digital outcomes, today. Learn how to transform your IT while paying for just what you use (Session ID: SL4582).

I can’t reveal too much of what Ana will be covering, but I’ll say this much: It’s visionary stuff. Among other topics, she’ll touch on two principles that are, in my view, the most important forces shaping digital transformation today:

1. Outcome is everything. The days are long gone when IT was essentially a black box within the business, operating its own projects by its own rules. Nowadays IT departments strive to make every initiative a success in terms of the enterprise’s overall goals. But digital transformation is pushing outcome-based thinking much, much further. Businesses used to rely on technology, but now, to a large extent, the business is the technology, and the customer experience is the IT experience. In this kind of environment, a clear understanding of outcomes must permeate every aspect of business/IT strategy.

Similarly, businesses have long understood that integrating the people-and-process aspects of IT projects is crucial for successful outcomes. In-house expertise might be enough to achieve that when infrastructure choices were limited and you could handle new initiatives with a handful of vendors. But when you’re pushing into big data, Internet of Things, mobility, cloud, containerization and more, navigating to the best outcomes calls for a wider and more adaptable approach.

2. Flexible consumption is crucial. In the past, companies’ decisions about how they would consume IT centered around the various elements of the data center. The rise of the cloud broadened the choices. If you wanted speed, you could migrate to cloud; if you wanted control, you stayed on-premise. Today’s consumption models include a bewildering array of options: private clouds, public clouds, multiple clouds, composable infrastructure, hybrid IT.

The trend towards flexible, pay-as-you-go models is unmistakable. HPE Flexible Capacity is a great example of how innovative delivery models are transforming infrastructures and helping businesses shift IT CapEx towards OpEx. Flexible Capacity bundles HPE-owned hardware, software and enterprise-grade support at the customers’ location, providing the economics of public cloud with the control of on-prem IT. Companies pay one monthly invoice based on consumption and usage (with a minimum commitment).

See you in Madrid

Stocksy_79085 smaller.jpgMassive digital transformation has profound implications for the ways companies select and deploy service providers – and for the providers themselves. Come to Ana’s session at HPE Discover to hear how HPE Pointnext is creating the next generation of outcome-focused, consumption-enabled advisory and support services that can guide you on every step of your transformation journey – from architectural blueprint, to implementation and change management, to ongoing operational support.

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VP of HPE Pointnext Marketing worldwide. I lead a global team responsible for developing the story, value proposition, and go to market content for Services at HPE.


Outcomes is everything. Outcomes gives you confidence to work. Great article thanks for sharing.


Yes! The outcome is everything.