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Leveraging big data analytics in the converged data center of the future


bio2_sm.jpgBy Christophe Maisonnave, Asia Pacific & Japan Critical Facilities Practice Principal


Here is another note on the topic of converged management -- and one more aspect that many of you may not have encountered or thought about.   I have observed the trend of unification of data center or other cloud management data, where the objective is continuous improvement with a goal of fault-free operation. The question I have is, as we deal more and more with a radically abstracted set of technologies and services, who is capable today of managing all of this information -- using only human resources?  


The volume of operation-related data is going to explode in the data center domain. More cameras, more internet operations to be monitored real time, the need for more rapid decision-making.   All of those activities are the result of multiple factors impacting the Data Center Factory and what constitutes its’ specific supply chain. Additionally, they are linked to a business demand to keep resource costs low, maintain high SLAs, and drive positive P&L. It is clear that a massive opportunity to automate is here today.  But, as more functions are automated and more events  delivered with minimal human intervention, the need to analyze data to prevent - and  even end - risk becomes paramount.  


Let’s look, for example, at security as a sample domain within the data center. We have reached a point today where human analysis alone will not be able to digest, in real time, all of the video data contained in a single site. The task becomes even more complex if we  consolidate the network operations center (NOC) function, creating  a single, global NOC servicing a 24/7/365 mega data center.

So how is all this related to HP’s big data offerings?   


Take a look at . This webpage details the critical need for intelligent end-to-end surveillance in the data center, and outlines why   HP’s solution is applicable to the Data Center domain of the future.   HP Surveillance takes an automated and intelligent approach to monitoring all electronic communications across your organization.The system can help to automate and analyze the images contents collected when different activities are delivered by multiple persons in or around the site.


One more application for Data Center services providers, depending on the trends observed and dissected by their big data analytics tools, will be to analyze unstructured data related to their customer to change the level of operation management activities to preserve the customer services or augment the levels of security in the sites where the customers have a potential business continuity risk.


Today, in many network operations centers (NOCs) we can see that news channels are broadcasted. - But does that mean that the resources receiving this information analyses it correctly to forecast a particular trend? The CCTV collects a massive volume of images that document activities or unusual processes or suspicious behavior. This data is frequently used after an event for root cause analysis. By bringing together the big data capabilities in the Data Center, real time monitoring tools can categorize and maximize the use of the video surveillance data already collected.  This allows the data center manager to have more options to save operational costs by reducing some of the onsite personnel; maximize the ROI from their CCTV investment by using more of the content generated; monitor multiple sites with a standardized level of event management and alert triggering across these sites. Therefore, policies and check processes will become more systematic. This technology is not new. -- It has been used in the defense domain for many years.  And now is the right time to bring big data “surveillance” capabilities to the table as a value proposition of the analytics function of a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) suite.   


The fact is that today very few IT and facilities managers are looking at this end-to-end, integrated solution with big data capacity when they specify their requirements for Data Center Operation. Big Data is often used by the business team as a tool to better mine the market and the customers they are targeting, but few think of leveraging the information to increase the level of intelligence it can deliver when probing the Data Center structure and unstructured data at disposition.


Physical security is just one example where the use of the big data solution, in conjunction with conventional Data Center Infrastructure Management or Building Management Systems, will give teams the opportunity to look at tools that support the goal they set for zero-defect converged data center operations. More can be done when looking at data coming from the ITSM data base repository messaging systems, communication exchanges recording, operation or maintenance reports documents and file systems.


HP offers their newly announced Converged Management Consulting Services (CMCS)to ensure that these options and technology features are not overlooked  during the tool selection process. You can and should leverage HP CMCS to help you strategize, plan, design and implement the right solution that your New Style of IT roadmap deserves.


Find out more about HP Converged Management Consulting Services .


Who is Christophe Maisonnave?

He is Asia Pacific and Japan Critical Facilities Strategies practice principal, living and working in Singapore for the past 15 years. He has 14 years of experience at HP, in multiple IT roles spanning mechanical and electrical engineering to IT systems definitions and data center service management. Christophe currently works with several major customers in Asia, providing guidance and recommendations at different stages of their facility strategic initiatives. He also represents HP as a speaker at seminars and events, covering topics such as the next generation datacenter for cloud or green IT trend analysis for global and regional markets.


Prior to HP, Mr. Maisonnave was a senior consultant working for several French companies, acquiring broad international experience in his work for Leibherr Aerospace and Alcatel Space in Toulouse, France.

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