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Make the move to IPv6 with a pioneer of next-generation Internet: Meet Yanick Pouffary


Yanick-Pouffary_article.jpgSo 2012 turned out to be the year that the world didn’t end, despite the dire predictions of Maya calendar buffs. And it may go down in history as the year the world of the Internet was reborn, averting the threat of the so-called IPocalypse – the terminal exhaustion of Internet addresses under Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4). On June 6, World IPv6 Launch day, more than three thousand major website operators and 65 network operators proved that they could use the new protocol successfully.

The vast expansion of addresses under IPv6 will secure the growth of the Internet for the foreseeable future, but the transition poses some challenges. IPv4 is not forward compatible, so IT organizations currently using it will need to actively enable IPv6.

If you’re starting to plan your transition to the next-generation Internet, Yanick Pouffary can help. Yanick is a chief architect, distinguished technologist, and strategist within HP Technology Consulting, and HP IPv6 global leader. With nearly 30 years of industry experience in the networking field, Yanick is a strategic advisor to governments and enterprises on IPv6 transition. She’s also a distinguished recipient of the IPv6 Forum Internet Pioneer Award for technology contributions to support the adoption and deployment of IPv6.

Yanick was at HP Discover Frankfurt in December talking about then need to make the shift to IPv6 sooner rather than later and discussing the advantages of the new protocol. Check out her interview with SDR News’ Andy McCaskey:

In her Discover session, Yanick took an in-depth look at IPv6 transition strategies:

Learn more about HP IPv6 Consulting Services.

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Watch for her upcoming post about the business opportunities that IPv6 offers. In the meantime, you can learn more about Yanick at our Meet the HP Technology Experts page.


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