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Management of Change: What we want you to learn during HPE Discover to benefit your transformations


The idea economy is here, and the pace of technology change is faster than ever before. Every change includes a human element, and modern technologies are changing everything about how YOU work.

Your organization is investing in new types of technologies. Technologies like Cloud and DevOps, Converged Infrastructure and HPE Synergy, Network, Cyber Security, Mobility and even back office tools.

Why are these new technologies important? Because they change how organizations operate, serve customers, communicate, collaborate, and compete to win in their markets.

All of this impactful change creates new questions among the people in your teams. Training people on new tools is not enough. To perform well in the new world, people need to know why the business is changing. They need to understand their role in delivering the results.

When people are unprepared and unsupported through-out change, transformation is slowed and disrupted. Intended business outcomes are put at high risk.

To prepare and support people through-out technology change, Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers Management of Change services delivered by our market-leading Education Consulting team. MoC is a formalized approach to transition individuals, teams, and organizations to a desired future state. Our MoC practice is designed to assist companies to achieve the desired business results of technology change and investment, by proactively preparing and supporting people through the change and minimizing known causes of failed technology adoption.

With Management of Change, your technology transformation journey will be faster, easier, and deliver better value and results to your business, with lowered business risk and disruption.

To learn more about Management of Change service, see our resource page

You can also watch our 2 min video, presented on our Discover 2016 page.

As part of your next transformation project, ask about Management of Change to ensure that your people are prepared and supported through-out the technology change project -- and to lower the risk and disruption associated with that project for your business.

Already started on a transformation project? You can add Management of Change services to projects already under way, to help ensure that your people understand and embrace the changes -- and receive the communication, support and training that they need to do it well. That's how HPE can help.

About the Author


25+ years in high tech in various roles that include Consulting, Channel Mgmt, Product Mgmt and Marketing. Technology areas include storage and data management, high availability, cloud and hosting, networking, and mobility/wearable technology for enterprise, SMB , and channel business. Industries include healthcare, financial services, ISVs, Service Providers and telecos.