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Meet Tari Schreider, HP Expert and Chief Architect for HP Security Services




McLusky007Tari. Tari Schreider.

Thirty years of IT and cyber security experience have provided him with broad industry knowledge and extensive technical expertise. He has designed, built and managed some of the world’s largest InfoSec programs, defending against some of the planet’s most aggressive attackers of IT assets…

That almost reads like a description of Ian Fleming’s super-spy, James Bond.

When he embarked upon his writing career, Fleming told a friend, "I am going to write the spy story to end all spy stories.” And in February of 1952, he began writing his first Bond novel, Casino Royale at his retreat in Jamaica. He went on to tell his buddy “… when I was casting around for a name for my protagonist I thought by God, (James Bond) is the dullest name I ever heard.”

“Dull” is never a word associated with Mr. Schreider.

He’s got a wry sense of humor, much like that of Sean Connery’s depiction of Bond in the incomparable film, “Dr. No”, and - he has spent the last ten years of his career developing security solutions and delivering and managing large scale security projects for some of HP’s largest clients. In that role he has worked with and advised numerous CIOs and CSIOs in how to deploy defense-in-depth and InfoSec Program solution architectures. – If that doesn’t sound like 007 fodder, you can call me “M”!

Protect your assets on a low-cost, high-return basis – and be ready for what’s next. When you need the top gun for information security, disaster recovery, privacy, and risk management, remember: Schreider’s your James Bond.


Team up with technology experts from HP who have the know-how to transform your business, access and prtotect technology in new ways, and take advantage of IT to capitalize on new opportunities.

Learn more about HP Security Services

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Tari Schreider BadgeFind out more about Tari Schreider, his background, experience and more - Tari's HP Expert profile page



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