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Mobility: Think experience. It’s not just about smartphones and tablets


Mobility means different things to different people.


As one of the four current technology mega-trends (the others, of course, are big data, cloud and security), mobility is a term we are hearing more and more often. And for me, the definition is simple and universal – it’s the new interaction model. It’s the new way we consume IT services. If you hit the street however, you’ll find that mobility means different things to different people. Ask five people and you’ll get five different answers.


“Mobility and cloud – two sides of the same coin”


I’m sure to many of you, this sounds familiar. We are in a similar position with one of the other key mega-trends: cloud. This makes perfect sense to me – mobility and cloud are two sides of the same coin. Cloud is the new way we provision IT services, and mobility is simply the new way in which we consume them. Cloud enables mobility and mobility fuels cloud. It’s a yin and yang of interaction that is redefining how technology is affecting our lives, both personally and professionally.


“MDM – Job done?”


Often when I’m talking to customers or even some partners, I’m told that mobility is about harnessing the power of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise. The CEO is demanding to use his tablet in the office, or the sales rep is insisting on using her smartphone out on the road. The typical IT response to these demands is either “No” or “Yes, but only if IT can be in control”. Often this leads to the delivery of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform.


Phew! IT has tactically responded to those scenarios – that’s mobility in the bag. Job done, right?


Wrong, wrong, wrong.


“Universal Access to People, Apps and Data”


Don’t get me wrong, MDM can be a valuable tool in your mobility arsenal (I’ll wax lyrical about that in a subsequent post), but it is just a single tool. Mobility is much broader. Broader than the device. Broader than apps and applications. Mobility is about delivering high quality, productive experiences, at any time and in any location. It is about universal access to people, applications and data.


These experiences must extend beyond the smartphone or tablet. As the new way we interact with IT, mobility must span across any and all IT media. Being device-agnostic, the core principles of universal access to people, applications and data are equally as applicable to traditional, fixed desktops as they are to the smartphone or even the brand new paradigm of wearable computing like Google Glass or the rumored Apple Smartwatch.


I don’t know about you, but I spend my entire life switching between contexts, devices and personas. One minute I’m playing a game, the next I’m working, the next I’m planning my weekend. Sometimes, all before I get out of bed.


This is mobility.


Learn more about HP Mobility Consulting Services.


Read about our recently announced HP Mobility Transformation Experience Workshop.




Jordan Whitmarsh is Worldwide Mobility Lead – TS Network Consulting. Jordan owns the worldwide mobility portfolio for TS Network Consulting and is a OneHP Mobility ambassador. His expertise centers on client and applications virtualization and enterprise mobility management technologies.

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