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More on Cisco's stance on SDN


In a flurry of posts at this blog and others in June, HP experts took a long, hard look at Cisco’s latest claims around its approach to Software-defined Networking – and found them unconvincing, to say the least (see related blogs, below). If you were following that discussion, you might want to check out some further developments over at HP Networking blog:


Jacob Rapp: A REAL SDN Ecosystem Cisco recently “announced” its DevNet developer ecosystem—but what’s different from a previous effort back in 2009? And are SDN developers really going to be flocking to Cisco’s vendor-specific banner? Jacob doesn't think so, and he explains what a truly open SDN ecosystem looks like.


John Gray: Unlocking the full potential of your network! A look at the lessons learned from HP’s own migration from a Cisco-based network starting in 2010. IT organizations don’t have to get stuck on a “hardware-defined” networking path, John argues; HP has the right solutions for businesses that want to simplify their data center network operations and take full advantage of SDN.


Steve Brar: The Cisco Catalyst 4500E killer … the HP 5400R zl2 Switch Series has arrived Steve runs some head-to-head comparisons on these switching platforms and notes that the HP 5400R beats Cisco’s offering “in almost every way, shape or form,” with TCO savings of up to 43 percent. Cisco “still lacks any real SDN offering for the campus, or they are making it extremely hard to find,” he notes.


Learn more about HP’s approach to SDN here.


IMPORTANT UPDATE 9.19.14: Watch this blog for more big SDN announcements from HP coming up just in time for Interop New York, Sept. 29–Oct 3. Come and chat with our networking experts in booth No. 121 at the event.


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