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Moving to All-Flash Storage? HPE Storage Consulting Services Can Help


Some of my HPE colleagues have already written about the amazing performance of the HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash storage array, which provides a number of benefits over legacy disk-based storage. (HPE Storage expert Calvin Zito (@CalvinZito) has also put together a must-watch Chalk Talk on All-Flash 3PAR storage.) Flash storage is definitely faster, but did you know that moving to a HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash solution can save you money as well?

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If you’re considering a move to flash storage, HPE Technology Services Consulting (TSC) provides a Flash Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis Service that can help you see just how much money you might save by moving to an all-flash storage environment. (A special thank you to my HPE colleague Wim Van Poelvoorde for providing some background copy on the Flash TCO Analysis Service, which I’ve posted below.)

What is the Flash TCO Analysis Service?

With the new IT technology trends of today such as the cloud, mobility, and Big Data analytics, the need for transforming your infrastructure to make it ready for the New Style of IT is growing rapidly. Because all of these changing business areas are tightly linked to your business-critical data and information, storage plays an important role in this process. While the business reasons for transforming your storage infrastructure are generally clear, it is equally important to understand the benefits of making this transformation for your specific environment and business needs. What’s in it for you, and why should you embark on a storage transformation journey? The HPE In-Depth TCO Analysis Service is a quick method to help you quantify the hard and soft benefits of a storage transformation. The main objective of this business case is to measure, estimate, and analyze the financial value (TCO and ROI analysis) of realistic transformation scenarios, which focus mainly on adopting the technologies like:

  • Thin provisioning
  • Storage tiering, including static and dynamic (auto-tiering)
  • Oversubscription (also called overallocation or overprovisioning)
  • Deduplication (or other similar compaction/compression techniques)

Benefits of the Flash TCO Analysis Service

Here’s how it works: HPE TSC senior storage consultants perform a product-agnostic in-depth TCO analysis of your IT infrastructure and storage environment based on a pure consultative approach. The first and main direct benefit for you is to help you build a realistic and customized business case quantifying why a storage transformation to flash is beneficial in terms of hard and soft savings. The results are delivered – either onsite or remotely – to the customer within 2-3 business days and show potential hard and soft savings – both in time and money – and how long it will take to get a return on their all-flash storage investment.

What’s in the report?

Once the Flash TCO analysis is complete, the results are compared to existing industry metrics, and customers are presented with a number of upgrade scenarios. The report includes an in-depth TCO analysis of your current storage environment as compared to an all-flash environment, and provides detailed financial implications (CAPEX/OPEX) of a move to all-flash. The TCO Analysis is not making use of high level and unrealistic assumptions, no industry average figures provided by IDC, Gartner, so no marketing. The analysis is built based on your specific TCO metrics and your own cost figures to make sure that the resulting business case is realistic for your specific technical, functional and business specific storage needs. During the creation of this customized business case, the HPE TSC consultants help you take the storage approach that best fits the storage needs of your growing business.

 As an example, this approach successfully helped an important utilities company (Water/Telco) to realize 40% TCO reduction in 2020, 80% electricity reduction, 50% space reduction and £500K savings in 5 years with a payback of less than 2 years payback.

Another big bank, with an heterogeneous storage footprint of 20PB spread of more than 50 arrays, realized that a 5 year storage transformation will bring their TCO going down with 30% by 2020, 80% (-£1.3M) electricity savings, 30% space reduction and a massive £250M amount of savings over 5 years with not more than 1 year payback! -- Wim Van Poelvoorde

For more information on the HPE TS Flash TCO Analysis Service, please contact your official HPE representative or authorized partner to find out more. 

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