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New Infographic from IDC on the Value of Tech Training for Your Business


As with most technology teams, the HPE Education Services team works with industry analysts to gain perspective on the products – in this case training services – that we deliver to our customers. We regularly meet with the analysts, and ask them questions to gain their guidance, as well as looking closely at their research and reports to learn what that can tell us.

One of the analysts that provides us with meaningful insights on the value of technology training, is Cushing Anderson at IDC. Cushing actively engages in primary new research on how organizations utilize technical training, and the benefits that they receive from it. He also publishes the results of his efforts in market reports, including MarketScape reports which evaluate the vendors – such as HPE – who participate in the Education Services market.

We are always interested in the data that Cushing makes available. To help put this into context for our customers and partners, we recently commissioned a new infographic from IDC to show the value of technical training to your business.

Download the infographic as a PDF file here:

Highlights from the infographic

I’d like to point out some of what stood out to me, from the infographic:

  • Organizations that invest in training gain substantial profit margin – which is the hyper-competitive market in which we all operate, is key not just to delivering more value to shareholders but could be key to staying in business
  • Organizations that invest in training gain in employee productivity by a factor of 5 to 1 – a huge competitive advantage for their business
  • Organizations that invest in training reduce their support costs and time – which means that they gain more value from their technology investment

I was also struck by the need for on-going investment in training which is pointed out in the IDC data. Here’s what IDC says:

  • Training is not a one-time event, but an on-going requirement to maintain the effectiveness of your team
  • Individuals lose 60% of their effectiveness after 3 years, and 75% after 6 years

Therefore, working with a team like HPE Education Services to design an approach for on-going training for your business – which is affordable and sustainable – that’s a key to your success. We offer curriculum planning as part of our sales process, which is not widely known. Ask our teams about this so that you can plan not just for an individual training event, but for ongoing training that fits best for your organization.

The value of certification is high

Another point which is key from the IDC data, is that individuals with current certifications are 60% more effective than individuals with experience alone. So think about that when it comes to security, for example: your security risks as managed by certified IT professionals are reduced by 60%!

Apply that now to cloud implementations, ITIL and IT4IT processes, and any part of your IT operation, and you can see that the impact of certification is hugely beneficial.

What you may not realize, is that the HPE Education Services portfolios for technical training are backed by certifications for your IT professionals. These certifications are sometimes HPE certs, as defined by the HPE technology teams. Many times, these are third-party certifications – such as certs from vendor-neutral standards bodies like EXIN, Axelos, ISC2, The Open Group, and others. We also partner with Microsoft and VMware, to prepare our students for their certification exams.

What do you take away from the IDC Infographic?

In a coming blog post, we will have comments from Cushing Andeson himself on his perspective of the value of training.

Respond in the Comments of this blog, to share the insight from the infographic which you find the most useful or surprising. How does this data help re-enforce for you, the value of technology training for your business?

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