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No way? Way! Taking the “im” out of “impossible”

TS-Editor on ‎08-11-2013 09:30 AM

James "Mac" McAnally leads the HP Global Support Delivery (GSD) Customer Solutions Center (CSC). Mac started with HP in 1985 and has held a number of positions in the Solution Center, Field, and Support Sales organizations. Mac resides in the Atlanta area with his wife and their two children.


HP’s Global Service Delivery (GSD) teams really enjoy a challenge. Most of all, they love deleting the first two letters from the word “impossible” and making tough challenges look easy. Their goal is not to show off their own expertise or show up the competition. They just want the customer to be happy with … and get the most from … their HP solutions. They recently got the chance to show what they could do at a major wireless carrier.


We can hear you now
The customer had purchased 143 blades and 11 enclosures for their data center. This new equipment was urgently needed to support dramatically increased activations of a new release of a leading cell phone, so the sooner it could all be installed and operative, the better.


At first glance, the project seemed like a longer-term one, probably taking up a month or more. The large number of blades involved, combined with the fact that the equipment was being installed in a remote data center three hours away from a HP service office, did not support a fast turn-around. However, the assigned account team stepped up to the plate. 


Nine short days later, all of the equipment was installed and turned over to the customer who was amazed by their HP GSD’s team ability to seamlessly complete such a large endeavor. This outstanding display of teamwork and dedication to the customer’s needs supported the immediate growth in activations and provided the customer with the bandwidth they needed for additional revenue. Just as important for us, it reaffirmed the customer’s confidence in HP as a strategic partner.


The impossible impresses
The fast installation/implementation project was the latest in a long line of successes in a wide range of challenging service delivery projects for the HP GSD team with this customer. In fact, customer executives have often made comment such as:


“While we think HP products are good, our support relationship with HP far exceeds those with other vendors” … and  …


“The HP account team knows the environment better than we do” … and …


“After an outage, other vendors will start turning things back on haphazardly. HP is the only vendor who understands the dependencies between systems, applications and databases.”


Our team is committed to their long-term success and satisfaction, and proves it whenever it is called upon to do the improbable or impossible.


Evalating technology
HP knows how important it is to evaluate a technology solution before the sale according to the results it can deliver in terms of reliability, innovation, performance, and ROI. In these key areas, HP technology is second to none. But we feel strongly that it is also essential to evaluate that technology by what happens after the sale and the quality of the support available to you when and as you need it.  In this key area, as this example clearly shows, HP is also a great choice. 


James “Mac” McAnally

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on ‎08-14-2013 09:20 PM

Thanks for your post, Mac!  Your delivery team has always been so great to work with.   I work with your team in the Americas SE and they are always willing to speak with the sales team and the customer early in the opportunity sales stage and also offer credibility to our value message.  I continue to be impressed with the ASM's and area and regional managers.  Too many times our delivery folks get the urgent escalation call where they typically over deliver on the SLA and rarely get the deserved thank you.  From all of our customers and HP internal - THANK YOU to your team!  The way your team delivers determines our future success.


on ‎08-20-2013 03:27 PM

In response to Paige Scott comment:


Thanks Paige for the kind words and great feedback.  Appreciate your partnership!




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