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Number, please - using mobility to boost productivity and profits


Kitty Chow is worldwide portfolio marketing manager for the Technology Services—Networking and Mobility organization at HP.  In this role, she oversees the marketing activities for the networking and mobility segments within HP’s Technology Services business. Kitty has more than 20 years of IT industry experience, having held sales, sales management, line of business management and marketing roles. She has experience across all market segments, including alliances and channels in multiple geographies. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University, with specialization in IT and Marketing.

I saw a phone booth the other day. Well, it wasn’t really a booth – just a phone on a wall with two “wings” coming out from the wall to provide some sound-proofing. But just seeing one was amazing, because I thought they had totally disappeared, gone the way of the slide rule, CRT televisions, the first “portable” computers, and similar artifacts. It was almost a throwback to the days when phones were made out of bakelite, and operators asked you what number you wanted to reach.

The phone booth reminded me of a time when mobility was the exception, rather than the rule. Back then, everything was centralized and limited by the constraints of the available tools and technologies. Now, everything is distributed with new tools constantly breaking down the barriers to expansion and outreach. Mobility is no longer something external that needs to be shoe-horned into the environment. It is inherent to how we want to work, influencing both mainstream strategies and tactics.

Opportunity calling
Mobility is about enabling end-user productivity from anywhere, providing universal access to the people you collaborate with and the applications and data you use. If your environment is not mobility-enabled, now is the time to make the move. However, migrating from an environment that is not optimized for mobility to the new style of IT cannot and should not be done piecemeal. HP is the only technology company on the planet that can deliver this new experience end to end.  

Start your journey to mobility with the HP Mobility Transformation Experience Workshop. In a one-day session facilitated by HP experts, you will create an aligned current and future state vision and an initiative roadmap, including quick wins and longer-term plans, Further details can be built out with subsequent Strategy and Planning services from HP.  With an aligned plan in place, you can proceed with the next steps on your journey based on your unique needs. Throughout your journey, HP can help with: 

  • Connected Applications – enable access to your corporate desktop and applications securely from anywhere and on any device
  • Connected People – focus on responding to your users’ most basic requirement: to communicate and collaborate in real time, on any device, wherever they are
  • Connected Data – provide universal access to the data that make your users productive, including enterprise collaboration and messaging services
  • Mobility Connectivity – facilitate the shift to a wireless (WLAN)-first infrastructure with a focus on seamless and intelligent edge
  • Enterprise Mobility Management – ensure the availability and quality of mobility experiences regardless of device type or ownership, secure mobile devices, applications and content

Never get put on hold again
Making sure your organization can make optimum use of mobility means that you will stay relevant and address what your users are demanding. You will be able to capitalize on a consumer culture of readily available apps and access, plus realize workforce productivity improvements by making people, corporate applications, and data securely accessible anywhere and on any end-point. With nothing holding them back, your users can be more productive and deliver on the new speed of business.

You can get complete information on HP Mobility Services on the HP website at: Discover how to get universal access to applications, people, and data both quickly and securely.   

- Kitty Chow

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