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Realize successful transformation projects with Management of Change


IMG_7674.JPGHannah Moyo, HPE Education Manager UKI

Transformation projects aren’t easy. They require considerable investments of time, effort, and money to be successful—and that assumes you use those resources where and when it counts. So, what would you say if I told you there’s a way to increase your odds of success?

Enter Management of Change (MOC), an approach to transitioning your organization which increases success rates by 10%. MOC is a methodology which plans for change, communicates change, and allows the adoption of change.

Using a project management methodology give projects about a 60% chance of meeting expectations, but combining that with a strong MOC culture increases success to 70%, as said by IDC’s Cushing Anderson in the following video:

MOC is something everyone needs to be involved in. Technology and knowing the impact that change will have on people is a clear advantage when trying to adopt an MOC culture. Cushing Anderson thinks HPE’s experience in this field makes them an ideal fit for transformation endeavors, as shown in this video:

So what can you do to adopt MOC? Learning and training are key components of this process, and having your challenges understood by your training partner makes things much easier. Technical competence and training experience are additional qualities that make MOC training even more effective, as mentioned by Cushing Anderson in this third video:

HPE understands not only that transformation is inevitable, but that it’s a challenge best faced with a helping hand. Let HPE Education guide you through MOC adoption with our set of webinars, training sessions, and courses which you can easily review on our website; and bring your transformation project closer to becoming a reality.

For more information, visit our Education Services - United Kingdom and Ireland website, and contact Hannah Moyo, HPE Education Manager UKI, at 01793 793020, ext. 7761700.

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