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Rx for Business Vitality: Choosing the Right IT Support


By Gerry Nolan

It’s not uncommon in IT support services discussions to use personal health analogies. After all, the similarities are pretty striking. Taking care of ourselves involves a certain amount of routine proactive work and focus, like exercise and eating healthy food and managing stress. It’s not that different from recurring IT tasks like firmware updates and other essential work in the IT data center. Most of us like to ensure we have the right level of support – health insurance – which helps mitigate for when things go wrong. Similarly, a prudent investment in support services can provide much-needed protection for your valuable IT assets.

I’ve always enjoyed comparisons like this; they’re a useful way of thinking about IT’s support needs. But there’s another aspect of the metaphor, one that comes to mind often these days as I talk with IT leaders about the challenges they face in managing today’s complex, dense infrastructures. It’s this: Good health has a tremendous impact on vitality. It can make all the difference to your effectiveness – the sheer amount of activity you can undertake, and the results you can achieve.

How the right support energizes IT

HPE20170223064_800_0_72_srgb.jpgThat vitality is an important part of what CIOs are looking for these days, and one reason why they’re turning to comprehensive support services. They will always want the peace of mind that comes with added protection against downtime, of course. But they also want to take back control of their IT so they can do a lot more than routine patching, fixing problems and keeping the lights on. They want to free up resources to energize the digital transformation and accelerate the initiatives that drive the success of the business at large.

Too often, it’s hard to find that vitality. When something breaks, key people get pulled off the future-looking projects to take care of daily operational issues. Worse, they end up spending hours on the phone in a 1-800-type runaround, trying to find the right person to take ownership and accountability. The urgent search for a solution may devolve into a finger-pointing exercise among the infrastructure, software, and platform vendors.

So choosing the right IT support is an important decision, and, like choosing a health plan, it can be a complex one. Every organization has unique and different needs. Yours may be a business with a highly sophisticated IT team that can confidently tackle most issues internally, but needs ultra-rapid remediation when something goes wrong, with fast access to IP and experts. Or you may be a more diverse enterprise that wants to ensure the right level of coverage for routine housekeeping tasks to prevent risks from accumulating, possibly resulting in damaging unplanned downtime. It’s well worth investing the time to identify a services partner with the flexibility to support your organization’s specific goals, just as it’s key to find the right health provider.

A smorgasbord of healthy options

HPE Pointnext’s Operational Support Services portfolio offers a full menu of healthy choices for your support needs:

HPE Proactive Care Advanced. We provide dedicated support resources and access to specialist skills, critical incident management, and personalized problem prevention. HPE Proactive Care Advanced helps you to optimize IT by reducing costs and maximizing staff utilization.

Check out our e-book Underpin your digital transformation with HPE Operational Services to learn how window and door manufacturer Pella Corporation leveraged HPE Proactive Care Advanced to prevent problems and ensure availability with preemptive firmware management; maintain peak performance with regular health checks for business-critical systems; and leverage expertise to quickly manage and resolve problems.

HPE Proactive Care. We provide a personalized, hands-on approach for maintaining an agile, healthy, and reliable infrastructure. Your entire infrastructure stack is supported with services designed to reduce the number of issues you experience and rapidly resolve problems should they occur. Pre-failure alerts help you avoid outages, and parts can be dispatched to replace defective components, often before you’re even aware of the problem.

Our ebook explains how HPE Proactive Care enabled Comercial Ariete S.A. de C.V., a Mérida, Mexico-based transportation and logistics company, to guarantee a level of performance and agility to drive business growth; reallocate IT staff from maintenance work to more strategic IT initiatives; and fine-tune operations and maintenance with best practices.

HPE Foundation Care. With Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Foundation Care you can choose from five different service levels to support all HPE products – servers, storage and networking – as well as software from selected industry-leading providers. HPE Foundation Care reduces complexity and saves you time by providing one place to call for hardware and software problems. It gives you back control of IT by enabling you to connect devices to HPE for 24x7 monitoring as well as automatic diagnosis, call logging, and parts dispatch.

For a great example of HPE Foundation Care in action, look for the section on JSC Ingenium in our e-book to learn how HPE helped this telecommunications engineering company to maintain continuous availability of its global network operations; quickly access expert technical support to resolve customer issues; and ensure rapid problem resolution with worldwide access to replacement parts.

Learn more about HPE Pointnext Operational Support Services here.

About the Author:

Gerry Nolan.jpgGerry Nolan is a Worldwide Senior Director for HPE Pointnext Support Services. In this role his goal is to enable HPE’s customer support experience, which in turn drives their business outcomes and enables their digital transformation journey.

Gerry brings to his position a well-established background in information technology and professional services, where he has worked for over 30 years. Prior to taking on his current role he held other positions in HPE including leadership for HPE’s Hyperscale Support Services, HPE’s Mission Critical Services business and HPE’s Customer Technical Training business.

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