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SUSE OpenStack Announcement and TS Consulting Education Services


By Larry Hinman
HPE Cloud Consultant and Education Services Lead

[This is a guest post written by Larry Hinman.]

Last week, HPE announced a strategic relationship with SUSE enabling HPE to focus on developing the next evolution of hybrid cloud products and solutions. This followed an earlier announcement with Micro Focus.

We’ve started to hear questions about the impact of these changes, on our consulting and education services. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on this, as this change is profound – and in my opinion profoundly beneficial to HPE, to our partners and most importantly, to our customers. Also, importantly, the announcement really does not fundamentally change our consulting and education service offerings for helping organizations adopt cloud, transition into hybrid IT models, adopt composable and software-defined servers, networks and storage – and otherwise modernize their approaches such as with DevOps and Agile/Scrum.

What was announced?

The details of the deal announced this week between HPE and Micro Focus involves the transfer of HPE SW IP and people to Micro Focus and also involves the transfer of HPE Helion OpenStack and HPE Helion Stackato IP and people to Micro Focus, as well. However, HPE will retain the HPE Helion OpenStack and HPE Helion Stackato brands as part of the ongoing HPE cloud strategy to hybrid cloud capabilities within the OpenStack domain. HPE will retain the HPE Helion CloudSystem brand, product/s, IP and personnel.

It is important to understand that for HPE Education Services and the Cloud Education Portfolio, it is business as usual in that we will continue to offer customer education around all facets of the HPE Helion brand and products. Our Cloud Education business remains focused around the following core curriculums:

  • HPE Cloud Computing Overview Curriculum
  • HPE Helion CloudSystem Curriculum
  • HPE Helion Curriculum
  • OpenStack Technology Curriculum

What else is important and helpful to know?

  • HPE is committed to hybrid cloud and open source software and is evolving its investment strategy to focus on developing the next evolution of hybrid solutions that combines HPE technology with a broad ecosystem of open source and partner technologies to support traditional and cloud native applications.
  • In September 2016, HPE unveiled plans to spin-off and merge HPE Software assets with Micro Focus. In addition, HPE and Micro Focus announced plans for a commercial partnership that will name SUSE as an HPE preferred Linux partner and will bring together HPE’s OpenStack and Stackato solutions (part of HPE’s Helion portfolio and branded within HPE as Helion OpenStack and Helion Stackato) with SUSE’s OpenStack expertise to provide best-in-class enterprise-grade hybrid cloud offerings for HPE customers.
  • On December 1, 2016, SUSE announced that it will acquire the intellectual property associated with HPE OpenStack and HPE Stackato and engineering talent focused on these technologies, enabling SUSE to continue development of these technologies as part of the SUSE portfolio. The Helion and Stackato brands will be retained by HPE.
  • HPE will transfer the intellectual property and engineering talent from its OpenStack and Stackato product groups to SUSE. SUSE will leverage the HPE OpenStack technology in SUSE’s OpenStack distribution; it will use the Stackato technology to build a new SUSE PaaS (platform-as-a-service) distribution, which will mark SUSE’s entry into the PaaS market.
  • HPE will not be transferring any customer relationships or contracts.
  • In turn, HPE has entered into an OEM agreement with SUSE to resell SUSE’s OpenStack distribution as well as SUSE’s PaaS distribution as a part of HPE’s Helion cloud portfolio. In addition, HPE will have roadmap input and influence with Helion OpenStack. With Stackato PaaS, HPE will leverage SUSE’s product and also build on top of it to meet our customer requirements.
  • This transaction is a win-win for HPE and SUSE. It allows SUSE to get access to the strong technical advances made by HPE in products that complement SUSE’s existing portfolio of open source solutions. Being a software company committed to open source, SUSE will be better equipped to invest in these technologies and continue to bring strong innovation to the market to benefit HPE partners and customers.
  • This transaction will allow HPE to focus its resources on building leading hybrid cloud solutions, while also gaining access to best-of-breed OpenStack and Cloud Foundry products.
  • What’s moving: As discussed in September, most assets that are currently part of HPE Software will move to Micro Focus. Today’s announcement confirms that the HPE’s OpenStack and Stackato assets will move to SUSE, an independently operated subsidiary of Micro Focus. Helion CloudSystem will remain part of HPE. 
  • HPE Helion CloudSystem will continue to be a strategic focus and HPE will continue to invest in delivering a leading hybrid cloud roadmap. In addition, HPE intends to protect customer investments by offering technical solutions, product roadmaps, and services that bridge current offerings to future hybrid cloud solutions built in next-generation technologies.
  • HPE remains committed to OpenStack and will continue to be the leading hybrid cloud provider and OpenStack is the critical IaaS platform to that goal. Based on customer feedback, HPE is increasing our focus in OpenStack professional services, shifting from code contributions on mature open source projects to hybrid cloud transformation services.
  • HPE remains committed to open source, including our recent investments in Cloud Foundry, Chef, Hortonworks and Mesosphere.

In Summary, HPE Education Services along with our Technical Consulting Services team is committed to continuing to provide services around all Helion cloud products now and going forward. I believe that the transition of Helion OpenStack and Helion Stackato products to SUSE will only make the Helion OpenStack and Helion Stackato products stronger, more robust and differentiated.

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25+ years in high tech in various roles that include Consulting, Channel Mgmt, Product Mgmt and Marketing. Technology areas include storage and data management, high availability, cloud and hosting, networking, and mobility/wearable technology for enterprise, SMB , and channel business. Industries include healthcare, financial services, ISVs, Service Providers and telecos.