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Security, Front and Center: 3 Tips for Your IT Transformation


By Lois Boliek, Worldwide Leader, HP IT Assurance Program


Lois Boliek badge.jpgSecurity is always one of the top 5 CIO concerns, and often the first or second, in almost every analyst study. In any discussion about moving to the New Style of IT and technologies such as Big Data, Mobility, Converged Infrastructure or Converged Cloud, you’ll always hear the word security mentioned. And security is a key business enabler; without it you are dead in the water.


 Security is core to everything we do at HP.


In addition to helping you benefit from our great security products and services, our TS Consulting group (part of our Enterprise Group Business) is focused on helping you transform to the New Style IT. Our aim is to help companies build security and assurance in from the beginning of every IT transformation, no matter how big or small. We look at security from the inside out, in other words. We help you to identify all the touch points where security needs to connect with Big Data, Mobility, Converged Infrastructure and Converged Cloud, and to determine what level of security is required based on business risks.


Here are 3 tips to help you ensure that security is always front and center – and never just an afterthought – in your IT transformation:


1. Architect security in from the start during the planning and development process of your IT transformations. Align your strategy and design to standards and business requirements up front, based on a good risk assessment and Business Impact Analysis (BIA). Security needs to be part of your process, from initial discussions onwards and at every key decision point.


Recently I attended a CISO conference where the CISO of a large insurance agency said that having to go back and engineer security in after the design cost them ten times more that if it had been engineered in, up front.


2. Measure the effectiveness of your business and IT transformation in terms of security. What costs savings can be achieved for the business? How will operations be more efficient with strong security practices? How will the level of customer confidence and loyalty be impacted?


 3. Remember that assurance demonstrates security, which demonstrates compliance. This might sound backwards, but if you build security in up front within the context of the IT transformation, really implement the controls and test them, you will have assurance that security is solid, and, as an additional benefit, you will also likely satisfy compliance. So many times it goes the other way – companies start with focusing on compliance first, rather than understanding their unique requirements from the start. With this approach, they may still be insecure, and there is no assurance.


UPDATE, 12.17.13: Security was a big focus at HP Discover 2013 in Barcelona last week. We announced an extended Cloud portfolio with improved security for hybrid environments. You can read about our latest cloud innovations here.


To learn more about me and how I can help you build rock-solid security for your business, visit my HP Technology Expert profile.

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Great article, especially liked the build in vs.s bolt on security angle.

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