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Seeing the Data Center as a Whole: The Value of Synergy


When I got back from HP Discover 2013, I had many ideas swirling in my head. These were formed from the many people I met and had an opportunity to speak with “on the floor”, where a myriad of HP’s products and services were being demonstrated and displayed. The sessions where I spoke (on modular cooling and data center efficiency) also helped to shape my thoughts.


So what are these ideas?       


Simply put, it is clearer than ever to me that an end-to-end data center solution provides the best outcome (and value) for our customers. Data Center Consulting (DCC), the group which I ultimately report to, best represents the end-to-end discussion by offering Cloud Services, IT Infrastructure Services and Critical Facilities Services. When these three service lines are coupled together, we begin to see the meaning of the word “synergy”. A synergistic outcome is an accurate representation of what DCC brings to the table – helping our customers build strategy and tactics for things such as a cloud roadmap, IT infrastructure consolidation and virtualization, and critical facilities planning, design and construction. All in one service offering.


Now let’s couple these services with the offerings from HP’s Industry-Standard Servers (ISS) and Software  groups and things really get interesting. EcoPOD, Moonshot and HP’s workhorse blade servers all have points of connection to DCC and Critical Facilities in particular (because of the facility power and cooling systems). Since we have internal conversations on a regular basis and perform analyses (like total cost of ownership) for cross-business-unit endeavors, the true operational and economic impact from the coordination of HP’s different business units becomes apparent. This is the “value add” we bring to our customers – being able to hone products and services based on customer needs. And do it on a regular basis.


By the way, energy-efficient data centers were a major focus of HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas last week; read more here.


To learn more about me and how I can help you uncover data center synergies, see my HP Technology Expert profile.

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Bill I think all that is one more sign of HP turnaround. The convergence of the services to stimulate our customer efficiencies with more closely integrated HP solutions driving lean CAPEX and OPEX.


As we all know the reduction of DC energy consumption start by the understanding and adjustments of all the parameters contributing to the "data generation and consumption value chain". HP is for sure with a portfolio of technologies and services to improve many areas starting by the definition of an integrated and specific Data Center Strategy.


End of the day all these solutions we propose are strategic decisions we have to demonstrate for our customers to engage in the roadmap.

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