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Transforming IT
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Spotlight on HP Technology Services: Blending the New Style of IT


Ian Jagger.jpgby HP Technology Services' roving reporter at DiscoverLV 2014, Ian Jagger


In Jean Paul Wagner's session, Give your IT a makeover with HP Technology Services , he discussed the new Technology Services announced at the event.


First off was a focus on SAP HANA. The services capabilities here provide rapid deployment of SAP HANA environments, a smooth migration towards them, High Availability Services as well as Disaster Tolerance Services, all supported by HP Proactive Care, Proactive Care Advanced, and Datacenter Care. Why HP for SAP HANA? Well, 25+ year partnership, 46% of SAP licenses are on HP technologies, more than 77,000 SAP installations, and over 800 HANA deployments. HP was also SAP’s 2014 Rapid Deployment Partner for 2014 as well as a number of other awards.


The second area of disruption he discussed, for which TS has new capabilities, is encapsulated by the speed of network, and the trinity between the network, compute and storage. Yesterday, HP announced the Software Defined Network, and Jean-Paul’s Technology Services have a full suite of offers to make it happen. The essence of it is the HP Trusted Network Transformation. This is an end-to-end approach beginning with a transformation workshop, that moves through assessment and analysis, strategy and architecture, design validation, validated integration and implementation, and then supported by Datacenter Care. He refers to it as an approach to manage the risk of the journey. “How do we know it works?” he asked. The answer was we’ve overhauled HP’s own IT data center network of 6 mission-critical data centers without disruptive impact on operations, less than 48 hours to cutover per data center.


The third area he discussed was Flexible Capacity. He expressed it as a private cloud benefit, but the ecomics benefit of a public one. This is a key area for HP that is Technology Services-led. We install the technology into the data center, which is used on a needs basis and paid for per use. NOW the enhancement was the announcement of Hybrid-ready IT with HP Flexible Capacity, which links the Flexible Capacity element within customer’s own data centers with HP’s cloud offer, Helion. So now, Flexible Capacity covers all aspects of Cloud strategies.


Meanwhile, in another part of Jean-Paul’s business, Critical Facilities Services, HP Facility-as-a-Service (FaaS) was very recently announced.  It's a a similar opex-based data center facility model, and combining  Flexible Capacity with FaaS is going to revolutionize IT sourcing strategies. Previously, organizations had distinct choices. They could operate their own data centers, they could use a co-location provider, they could outsource IT, or they could utilize Cloud.


With the announcements from Technology Services and other HP business units this week,  IT Sourcing strategies are becoming less discrete. It’s a necessary evolution. For the new style of IT, IT needs to be more blended, and it’s Jean-Paul’s Technology Services team that are the master blenders.


Read more news and my views from DiscoverLV 2014 @ . I also write about Critical Facility and related topics on and this Transforming IT blog.



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