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Storage transformation is all about the journey: planning for your successful arrival


As I’ve previously discussed (see the blogs at the end of this post), storage infrastructure transformation is essentially a journey – from a starting point of dissatisfied users and an infrastructure which is no longer fit for purpose, to a utopia where everything is A1, clear blue skies, and smiling colleagues who seem to waft around the office and past the door of the CIO, who is inexplicably singing all the time.


But we mustn’t forget one small process: the transformation itself.




Phase 3 of the HP Storage Transformation Experience Workshop aims to demonstrate the kinds of processes and steps that others who were in a similar starting situation have been through to achieve their transformation goals. We discuss the migration of the data, but we also analyse the customer’s ability, appetite and desire to run the transformation, and the level of support they want or need. We demonstrate the tools and processes that we at HP, as industry experts, have available to us. We also show that we have proven transformation methodologies in our armoury to safely and securely support the customer in transforming their environment.


The next section of the Workshop, Phase 4, aims to develop initiatives to address the issue and vision statements gathered in the Workshop, and to assign work packages to the various key stakeholders. Once complete, that’s the end of the customer section of the Workshop, but only the beginning for the facilitators. They’ll spend the next few days writing up the Workshop notes ready to present back to the customer, usually within a week.


The speed of the Workshop and report presentation is a real benefit, in that it shows the customer tangible and actionable results very quickly while the issues are very fresh in mind. But obviously, since we only have 4 to 6 hours with up to 10 customer representatives, we’re not going to be able to do a detailed analysis of the customer’s estate, so we can’t deliver a fully priced, detailed proposal to resolve a specific issue. This is the primary reason that the Workshop is seen as the first step in a more involved consulting relationship with the customer.


What we do find is that the top, major, burning issues are discussed – which is where, together with the customer, we need to focus our efforts. The next steps will be a more detailed analysis of the tasks that the customer wants us to focus on, meaning time isn’t wasted elsewhere on programmes of work which won’t benefit the customer.


If you’d like to learn more about the HP Storage Transformation Experience Workshop, send a message to:

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