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Taking Data Center Convergence to the Next Level


by John Cummings, HP Technology Services editor


The drive to unify the complex and disparate components of the data center didn’t start with HP’s introduction of Converged Infrastructure – our revolutionary integration of network, server and storage – circa 2009. But it certainly saw a huge acceleration, as IT leaders realized what they could achieve with CI: faster response to market conditions, tighter grip on costs, reduced risk, and a scalable platform for growth.


Now HP is leading the next phase of convergence, and the opportunities are just as compelling. If you look at the data center as a functional whole, there are still elements that are ripe for integration. Facilities, for example – tremendous opportunities for synergies there. And what about the delivery model? Right-sourcing of resources, whether internally, or from a managed service, private cloud or public cloud, should be woven into the whole. And then there are the organizational aspects of the data center: the people, skills, roles and governance that keep everything going.


The vision of the data center that’s emerging is a striking one: “a living entity, in tune with its environment and changing as the environment changes in real time,” as Chris Coggrave describes it in the short video below. Watch the video to find out more about the Converged Data Center – why it’s precisely what today’s hybrid environments need, how it transforms the role of IT, and how to get started on the CDC journey.



Read how the Converged Data Center helps you prepare for a hybrid future.


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