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The Art of the Cloud



By Lee Kedrie, Managing Partner, HP Technology Services Consulting


kedrie_badge_tcm245_1309449_tcm245_1422290_32_tcm245-1309449.pngOn October 2, 2013 HP announced that Serpentine Galleries has chosen HP Public Cloud to enable digital participation in its renowned ‘89plus Marathon for the first time.  Director Julia Peyton-Jones and Co-Director Hans Ulrich Obrist said “HP is the perfect cloud guide as we embark on a journey to expand The Serpentine Galleries digital offerings.”  “The HP and Serpentine Galleries collaboration is yet another example that cloud usage is not bound by industry or company size said Xavier Poisson, Vice President of Cloud Computing, HP Europe, Middle East and Africa.   


I believe this is a very fitting partnership and so appropriate to the discussion of cloud computing.  For many years I have been involved with our customers, designing the strategies as well as developing the architecture for their new cloud environments.   During my design sessions I would often reference the "art of the possible".  I say this because designing a cloud environment is both art and science.  When thinking about the art of the possible you have to pause and reflect on what something can be; it conjures up feelings of creativity that only come from a willingness to start with a clean canvas.


I have found that reflecting on the art of the possible can be very disruptive, much like the artistic creativity found in some of the world’s most iconic structures like the Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, new World Trade Center Tower or Barcelona’s Guggenheim Museum.  Often their designs were thought of as outrageous, controversial and not quickly embraced.  But it was the architect who could see the possibilities and turn the vision into a new reality.  What beauty it would bring to the landscape. What joy and impact it would impart on those who would see or use it. 


The art of designing cloud environments is not too different.  Often the architects who are creatively working to bring the customer's vision to life while engaged in HP Cloud Design Service can encounter resistance because the design is not status quo.  It may require a radical change to the unfamiliar or require adopting a new norm.   The design should result in changing the cost trajectory of IT by flipping the maintenance and innovation spends.  The only way to accomplish this is to do things differently (transformation) not just better (optimization).


It is this notion of doing things differently that provides HP with the opportunity to explore the art of the possible.  To explore what happens when introducing disruptive innovation into a cloud design, we  leverage innovative solutions like our HP CloudSystem Matrix 7.0 .  HP CloudSystem Matrix 7.0   is HP's integrated converged infrastructure platform that provides a foundation for transforming how IT delivers services to your business. HP CloudSystem Matrix is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for private and hybrid cloud environments,  that allows users to provision infrastructure in minutes for physical and virtual environments. With HP CloudSystem Matrix you can graphically design and configure your IT service incorporating servers, storage, networking and software elements into a reusable templates called cloud maps.  HP’s  approach allows you to publish these services in a self-service catalog. Think of this like your applications store, where users come to shop for the IT services they need. 


Then, with ease and speed, HP CloudSystem Matrix artistically executes automated workflows to deploy the servers, configure the networking adaptors, assign IP addresses and DNS, creating an abstracted network layer powered by our HP Virtual Connect and HP FlexFabric.  HP CloudSystem Matrix makes setting up storage a snap by automatically assigning the HBAs and managing storage as needed to provide the requested storage capacity. 


HP's 3PAR platform was designed for the cloud, supporting multi-tenancy and mixed workloads.  It is so efficient that HP guarantees that you can put twice as many VMs on the platform.  To complete the job, CloudSystem deploys the software needed to provide the requested service. When using CloudSystem Matrix enterprise, powered by HP Cloud Service Automation, you can even manage the lifecycle of your services.   After all, your users expect to have a service available in minutes after leaving the application store.


So why does this cloud art form seem so disruptive?  It is because you are building IT services in a fundamentally different way.  Cloud delivery requires the automation of vertical processes that are today done manually in IT silos.  To deliver a cloud service these silos -- including servers, storage, networking and software -- need to be looked at holistically to create the automation needed to deliver a service in minutes. 


Think of this delivery model as an automated supply chain.  Everything must work together and if it needs to be touched by human intervention the service delivery is delayed creating unmet user expectations.  Adopting this New Style of IT means that you have to be willing to adopt new technologies that fill the gap of current product limitations.  You are challenged to explore the art of the possible and you have to be willing to do things differently to transform.  The reward for embracing the unfamiliar is an IT delivery model that will allow your business to radically change the cost trajectory of your IT spending.  You will be able to spend more dollars on innovation and less on daily operations.  


Now that is a beautiful work of art!



Find out more about HP CloudSystem Matrix 7.0 Services by visiting our website.

Find out more about HP Cloud Design Service here.

Meet Lee and his HP colleagues @ Meet the HP Technology Experts


On 18-19 October, Serpentine Galleries hosted a 48 hour marathon of screenings, lectures and digital content. Artists, thinkers and digital leaders born after 1989 will be fizzing ideas about the digital expansion and how artists are collaborating online: Also check how technology –  particularly the cloud – helps to revolutionise businesses across all industries:

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