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Thoughts from HP Discover: Forget “one-size-fits-all,” look for “right-sized” solutions


Lorenzo Gonzales badge.pngSolving specific customer problems: that was what I did over and over in the three days I spent at HP Discover in Barcelona with customers from everywhere in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. "Specific" could also be translated as "unique": despite similarities, such as reducing costs, providing flexibility, and increasing security, every single case had some elements that differentiated it from any other. And in every discussion we found a unique perspective that brought us to design a piece of architecture that maximized the outcomes for the customer.


Don't misunderstand me: it was never a case of defining an expensive or ultra-sophisticated combination of technologies. I haven't pushed any technology or solution to show that it fits the bill. More simply, we stepped back into the problem definition, got rid of rigid paradigms, and together defined the solution.


In this post-virtualization era dominated by a trend of commoditization, it’s easy to forget that an inexpensive component might not lead to an inexpensive solution. The stress to IT introduced by the speed and flexibility that we all experience in our own lives from the combination of mobility and cloud is unprecedented. To respond to today’s needs, IT architects and managers need to leverage a broad set of options and combine them as needed for the specific, unique situation. You have to span from commoditized infrastructure to workload-specific architecture, such as Moonshot; from bespoke architecture to highly standardized design; from on-premise, traditional solutions to OpenStack public cloud.


Virtualization helped IT to consolidate and simplify legacy infrastructure. Nowadays, that approach, too, is becoming a legacy: IT must be industrialized, hence standardized, automated and redesigned for specific purposes. At the same time, we must consider a full spectrum of options and pick the right one to solve specific problems.


Uniqueness is part of the strength of each customer: what we did at HP Discover was to help each of our counterparts to understand how a problem could be solved. Unique problem, unique solution – right-sized.


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