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Time to sail away from IBM's Power Systems Island


by Allen Greene, HP Smart Choice, US, Sales Executive


Allen_Greene.jpgDo you feel like you’re trapped on an IT island – let's call it Power Systems Island – and all the IT fun is on the mainland?


Don't be stranded. Let HP's Technology Services Consulting (TSC) migration services practice sail you to a part of the world where you have tremendous options. This is a place where the inhabitants come from very diverse technology backgrounds but speak a common language. If you communicate in AIX, WebSphere, DB2 or some other IBM-speak, HP's migration services can get you to a world that speaks a standards-based language with market leading solutions like Linux, JBOSS, and Intel.


Don’t continue to be stranded on this shrinking island. You need an IT partner with global, heterogeneous, enterprise experience and a future vision for the datacenter – a partner for the long term. HP is the clear choice for datacenter operations and consulting experience. And HP is committed to support the datacenter for the New Style of IT (cloud, mobility, big data, and security), investing to lead the industry, with the right offers to help IT leaders remove their uncertainty.


To help you prepare for your voyage, HP is providing these TSC SMARTAdvisor offers for businesses (if you qualify – not for SMBs) in the Americas:


FREE SMARTAdvisor phone call with a technical strategist

FREE (for qualified businesses) SMARTAdvisor Solution Session to share strategy, vision and best practices. Schedule your FREE STRATEGY SESSION today

A low-cost 40-hour service that extends what the session delivers to include a recommendations report with leadership presentation on findings in an area of customer focus.


With over 2200 consultants worldwide, HP has experience in architecting and solutioning all types of workloads (including cloud, big data, and critical IT). HP is committed to delivering multivendor support, with over 25 years of experience. We also offer Flexible Capacity for Multivendor; this provides a public cloud experience, with the benefits of on-premise IT. And we maintain strategic data center partnerships with vendors such as Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, and our data center infrastructure management (DCIM) partners.


Having helped over 700 organizations successfully migrate from Power Systems Island, HP can help you ensure that you don't get left behind. That’s why HP is the Smart Choice. Schedule your trip today.


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