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Top 3 Certification Requirements for Developers and Interested in Vendor-Neutral Cloud Technologies


Kelly.pngBy Kelly P. Baig




The question comes up: what are the top certifications that professional cloud developers should consider for their skills and career development?


1. OpenStack® certification from EXIN

EXIN introduced true vendor-neutral certification exams for OpenStack® cloud, in January of 2015. Thus far, they offer exams for Foundation and Expert levels – with a new Neutron certification introduced last month; see more details below.

The best way to prepare? Consider attending HPE OpenStack® training courses, including exam prep courses useful even for very experienced administrators.


2. CCSK from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

CCSK is a Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, and is vendor-neutral certification in key cloud security areas.

The best way to prepare? Consider attending HPE CCSK Cloud Security training courses.


3. HPE Helion CloudSystem certification from HPE

For professionals working with HPE Helion CloudSystem, HPE provides certification along with valuable training.


A new Expert certification opportunity from EXIN

In response to this growing need, EXIN has continued to introduce new certification opportunities with its introduction last month of an OpenStack® Software Neutron exam. This adds to the exam opportunities that EXIN introduced in January of this year, and Neutron is the first specialist exam available at EXIN within the OpenStack® certification program.

It’s a little-known fact, that HPE provides the best options for vendor-neutral training available in the market for OpenStack® cloud. What do we mean by that? What we mean, is that our vendor-neutral OpenStack® curriculum offers more:

• We offer more and better vendor-neutral foundation courses, backed with EXIN certification at the Foundation level

• We offer vendor-neutral foundation courses in context with HPE Helion OpenStack® capabilities

• We offer more courses for cloud specialists, with vendor-neutral OpenStack® courses in Neutron, Swift, Ceph and Cinder

• Our OpenStack® Swift specialty course is backed by EXIN certification at the Expert level

And now, our OpenStack® Neutron specialty course is backed by EXIN certification at the Expert level. EXIN also intends to offer Expert certification for Ceph and Cinder in the future.

Why HPE for Cloud Training and Certification Prep?

We are the best for vendor-neutral cloud: HPE partners with OpenStack® to offer vendor-neutral training backed by vendor-neutral EXIN certifications, worldwide. HPE is an EXIN certification partner. Also, HPE partners with CSA to offer CCSK training and certification worldwide.

We are the best for HPE Helion CloudSystem: We work with the HPE technology teams to develop course curriculum, which is the best prep possible for HPE Helion certification exams.

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