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Mike Cronin is the Vice President, Technology Services (TS) Support, for the Americas Enterprise Group.  He has an extensive background in the services business and has been instrumental in driving the overall growth and profitability of the TS business over the past ten years.  Prior to joining HP in 1989, Mike worked at Apollo Computer, Wang Laboratories and Compugraphic Corporation. He holds an MBA in Finance from Bentley College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Merrimack College.


Recently, I was getting ready to take one of my frequent trips to New York City and began to mentally plan the trip. Get up at the crack of dawn, drive to Logan Airport (Boston) in early rush-hour traffic, park, run to the terminal, go through security, board the plane with a hundred or so other bleary-eyed commuters, land, and cab it into the City. The real killer, of course, was the thought of having to do the same thing in reverse that very same evening. And then I thought, “Why not just drive down? You’d be in complete control” I told myself. “Not be a slave to schedules and tarmac delays and TSAs. You could go down the night before, spend the night in a hotel, get up refreshed for the next day’s meetings and make it home in a much better mood because you were in control the whole time.” Then, I remembered the traffic delays - hot summer traffic, stop and go, mostly stop – you get the picture.  


So I decided to take the train, a predictable 3.5 hour ride with free (part of the ticket price) wireless service, my own cell phone and a comfortable seat and chair to get some email and phone calls done. The train arrived downtown, right at Grand Central Station, so within three minutes of departing the train I was in the HP office at 2 Penn Plaza. For this particular trip, the train worked because of the time I had to be in NYC, an attractive ticket price and the convenience of being able to work on the train.


What matters more: the destination or the trip?
So what does a fatigued, cranky, fed up air traveler (me) have to do with information technology? Quite a bit, actually. Today’s enterprises all have a pretty solid vision of where they want to go.  They want to create an environment that reduces costs, boosts productivity, enhances efficiency, fuels growth and stays ahead of the competition. 


Part of the reason that many companies do not reach their ultimate destination is that they select a less than optimum way to get there. There are choices to be made in any journey.  One of today’s most popular – the journey to the Cloud – is a great case in point. Everyone wants the benefits and capabilities of cloud, but actually achieving them depends a lot on how you decide to make the trip, including which Cloud model you choose. What’s perfect for one company may be totally wrong for another. And you really don’t want to get stuck on the Cloud equivalent of the red eye from hell. That’s why it’s really helpful to work with someone who knows the road (and the ropes) and can help you make the right decisions.   


Welcome aboard
HP is a great choice to help you plan the Cloud option and the best journey for you. We have helped many customers get to where they want to go and even enjoy the trip along the way. We offer services like the HP Converged Cloud Workshop that will help you gain clarity on converged cloud concepts and cloud models/topics, as well as prioritize cloud initiatives, understand cloud journey and draw actionable steps. It’s a great place to start – no TSA pat-downs required.  


Continue to plan your trip with HP Cloud Future Definition Service, HP Cloud Business Case Development Service, HP Cloud Workload Analysis Service, and any of the other Cloud services we offer. Before you know it, you’ll arrive at your destination. Baggage? You can leave all of it behind. Personal electronic devices? Use as many of them as you want, whenever you want. Seat backs in their full upright and locked positions? Forget it. Sit back and relax instead.


Now isn’t that the perfect way to get to where you want to go? 


Mike Cronin

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