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Update from RSA 2016: "The risk of doing nothing is higher than the risk of change"


Our team is attending RSA 2016 this week, and the event is buzzing with “Connect to Protect.”

Info and factoids learned at the event:

  • +% of all breaches last year exposed vulnerabilities that were known for more than a year
  • The skills gap is real – organizations can’t fill their open security positions with skilled, experienced, certified staff
  • Security provisioning is dropping behind the rate developers developing i.e. DevOps – IT and business won’t succeed if this is not addressed
  • Companies must move away from legacy systems….ransomware only works because companies run systems 3+ years old. Those that are current don’t have this problem.
    • The point: Move to current systems & free up resources to focus on other things!
  • Conventional thinking must give way to radical thinking to succeed
  • Need better standards & compliance
  • Not only cloud security, need cloud transparency
  • Massive pace of change

Examples of pace of change that were shared:

  • Hackers release new malware every 200 milliseconds
  • Today, only 41% of web traffic is originated by humans
  • By 2018, 20% of all business-content will be authored by machines
  • Yahoo now releases new software evey day
  • Amazon has a new software release every 11 seconds

Do you recognize this person?

RSA 2016 Robert Herjavec.JPG

He’s Robert Herjavec CEO, Herjavec Group and star of ABC’s Shark Tank. He joined the CSA Summit at the event, a day-long event hosted by our partner Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The day was focused entirely on Cloud Security. Our Hewlett Packard Enterprise Education Services team delivered CCSK training on the day.

Some points that Robert emphasized in his talk?

  • The accelerating pace of change – notice a theme?
  • How afraid IT are to ask a “real” customer what they think
  • Biggest risk for IT is “obsolescence”, and that the halls are riddled with companies no one remembers…why didn’t they adopt technology 

In short, Robert points out that the risk of doing nothing is bigger than the risk of change for IT teams and businesses. Embracing and accelerating change, is required to remain competitive in today’s market. Addressing security – and building it into change approaches – is a requirement for success.

The CSA Summit was packed the entire day from 8:30 – 4:30 with 1200+ in attendance, and with 300 people waiting in line to get in all morning.  Indication of how important cloud is moving forward in company strategy, but yet security is still a big concern. 

Survey says: 83+% of people still believe they have stronger security on-premise than when in the cloud.

Cloud is a disruptive technology, including the “culture side” of IT and the business. In short, if you are thinking about cloud transformation and cyber resiliency then we need to talk about… your people. Come check our new cyber resilience knowledge page, with resources and discussion papers from our partners.


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25+ years in high tech in various roles that include Consulting, Channel Mgmt, Product Mgmt and Marketing. Technology areas include storage and data management, high availability, cloud and hosting, networking, and mobility/wearable technology for enterprise, SMB , and channel business. Industries include healthcare, financial services, ISVs, Service Providers and telecos.