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Mark Esparza is currently a Senior Consultant, advising HP’s customers on cloud and converged infrastructure transformation programs in the Americas. He has over 30 years of experience in global IT operations, financial management, and IT strategic planning and consulting. Mark completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of California, Berkeley.

Many people I’ve talked to use a popular phrase to summarize their approach to virtualization:  “Wait for it.”  They know the benefits of virtualization. In fact, virtualizing their IT environment is probably at the top of the list of key efficiency initiatives they’re looking to implement. But the scope of such an initiative naturally raises concerns about its impact on the overall business organization … concerns about cost, risk, and disruption. There’s also the nightmarish worry about moving too fast and having to live with the unpleasant consequences for a long, long time.   

Now, there’s no need to wait any longer because HP can help put those concerns to rest. The Virtualization Services from HP Technology Services Consulting help any organization develop a virtualization strategy that meets business and IT needs using HP Converged Infrastructure Systems and Solutions.

A focus on best bets
HP Virtualization Services look at all key aspects of your IT environment: Infrastructure, Storage and Network. They cover discovery, strategy, design and implementation services across the data center infrastructure and application environment. HP experts start by helping you discover your existing environment and recommending candidates for virtualization, consolidation, and migration. They can then work with you to design and implement your solution with services such as:

  • Virtualization Design & Implementation Services provide a comprehensive approach to large-scale server virtualization in enterprises covering the full lifecycle. They serve as a complete guide to virtualization using best-in-class practices
  • Converged Management Consulting Services show you how to manage and orchestrate a new style of IT that’s simpler, faster, more powerful, and more efficient 
  • SDN Assessment Roadmap Design & Implementation Services provide the expertise needed to examine a network's current state and take the next steps in preparation for HP Virtual Application (VAN) SDN product implementation that maximizes its potential  
  • Design & Implementation Services for StoreVirtual VSA help you make optimum use of virtualization to turn a set of heterogeneous, disconnected physical disk drives in your servers and storage devices into a single pool of logical storage capacity

The goal is to help you get more with less by removing duplication, centralizing and simplifying, regaining floor space, and sharing resources. The result is a cloud-ready IT environment that delivers

  • Improved utilization and capacity management
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Enhanced business and data center resiliency
  • Significantly greater business agility
  • Predictable and reduced costs
  • Shorter implementation timeline

What do you do if you did?
As a number of organizations have found out, managing the environment after you’ve virtualized can also be a challenge. Unplanned growth can lead to VM sprawl with costs increasing and control becoming more and more elusive. The same HP services that can help plan and implement a new virtualization initiative can also help you regain control over an existing one that may be complicating things for you.

And if you’d like to move virtualization beyond the data center, HP Consulting services can help you build a VDI solution that’s just right for your business.     

Why wait?
Get started ... or move ahead on the path to virtualization now. With services from HP Technology  Consulting, there no need or reason to wait. Get complete information on HP Virtualization Services on the HP website at: You’ll learn how these services from HP Technology Services Consulting can help you meet business demands and reduce costs, while you also enjoy rapid virtualization with HP technologies.      

- Mark Esparza

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