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Want to chop operational costs? Virtualize

Want to be a hero in your company?  You can get in good with the bean counters in the organization by exploiting one of the easiest ways to cut costs in the IT budget – through virtualization. Lucky for you, the new HP ProLiant WS460c Gen8 Blade Workstation has been released. It is making headlines for its ability to increase the amount of virtual desktops deployed from one server by four times (see this PCWorld article).


 This is big news, as businesses are constantly looking for ways in which to cut operational costs. Virtualization can affect a business’s bottom line through the following:


  • Reducing and centralizing the overall number of systems
  • Increasing utilization rate of existing servers
  • Reducing the amount of time to install, configure and manage server, network and server resources
  • Increasing the quality and consistency of services provided to end users


Virtualization enables a single physical asset to operate as if it were multiple assets, thereby reducing the total number of physical assets. The effect is a reduction in IT hardware investment, power costs and allocated floor space. In addition, virtualization centralizes the overall number of operating systems, thereby reducing the amount of time and effort required to install, manage and configure systems.


The installation of the right hypervisor and software can allow for improved monitoring and tracking of systems, increasing response time if a system goes down; the instance can be immediately started on the same machine or a different machine. This is essential in providing consistent service to business units, and can be incorporated as part of a disaster recovery strategy.


So what will you do with all the money saved and praise garnered? Be a hero to your fellow workers and upgrade the vending machine cuisine? Or maybe it’s time to make some strategic investments in the IT infrastructure? You are really going places in your business if you can show both cost reduction and a strategic investment initiative – and virtualization is the place to start.


Learn how HP Technical Services can help you streamline your approach to operational efficiency.



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