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What promised to be a REALLY bad day turned out not so bad after all, thanks to HP Service Delivery


Mike Alame leads TS Support Delivery for the United States. Mike joined HP in 1992 as a Solution Center Unix Manager. During his time at HP, Mike has held a number of management positions within the Services Organization and Solution Center. Prior to joining HP, Mike held several positions at Texas Instruments, including National Call Center Manager, Account Support Manager and North America Escalation Manager. Mike holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Physics Associate Degree from the Lebanese University.


When you start your day with a total power failure in your data center, your outlook for the rest of the day tends to be less than optimistic.That’s because you know that much of it will be spent figuring out how far behind your operations will be when the day ends and how many sales you may lose and how many customers you may aggravate and … oh, right … how much time it will take to get everything up and running again. 


That’s almost what happened at a major insurance company that’s also a major HP customer. But it didn’t, because before the customer started doing all that figuring, they made a call to HP. And that made all the difference.


Right here. Right now.    
The call was urgent, because the situation was critical. The power was out. It could eventually be restored. But how would the millions of dollars of primarily HP data center hardware respond to power loss and subsequent restoration? They wanted HP on scene ASAP. 


We obliged ASAP with a team that consisted of Mission Critical Hardware Specialist Jerry Paulk; Storage Customer Engineer, Bob Lokey; Server Customer Engineer, Shawn Randazza; and Storage Service Experience Manager, Brian Singleton, all working under the leadership of Alabama Service Delivery Manager, Cheryl Harper. While the customer spent the bulk of the day, well into the 4:00 – 5:00 pm timeframe, recovering from the blackout (i.e., powering up equipment, performing system checks, data checks, etc.), the HP team was prepping the equipment to help ensure a smooth restoration. 


Outage?  What outage?

What it all meant was that when the customer was ready to restore power, the HP equipment – all millions of dollars’ worth of it -  performed flawlessly. Especially impressive were the 3PAR and XP storage arrays. According to the customer, these storage arrays were the most critical components in their efforts to get systems up and running without missing a beat. 


However, as impressed as customer executives were with HP products, they were even more impressed with HP people. The CIO and a number of VPs have repeatedly praised the work of the team and thanked us for turning what could have been a really bad day into something a lot less than that.


Support you can believe in
Buying support can be a leap of faith. In some cases, you may not know exactly what you’re going to get when you need it.  But as this example (and many others) shows, that’s definitely not the case with HP.  We provide support you can believe in and depend on every time you need it. 


Mike Alamé

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