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“Where do you guys come up with these things?” – Part 2, HP Foundation Care


Mike Cronin is the Vice President, Technology Services (TS) Support, for the Americas Enterprise Group.  He has an extensive background in the services business and has been instrumental in driving the overall growth and profitability of the TS business over the past ten years.  Prior to joining HP in 1989, Mike worked at Apollo Computer, Wang Laboratories and Compugraphic Corporation. He holds an MBA in Finance from Bentley College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Merrimack College.

In my last blog, I outlined the reasons why HP recently developed and introduced an entire new line of services, which we refer to as the “Care” portfolio. The major reason is that computing and business realities have undergone dramatic changes in the past five or so years, with the emergence of x86 systems as the primary computing platform being one of the most dramatic. In this first follow-up blog, I’ll discuss one of the “Care” portfolio of services - HP Foundation Care – and show you how it responds to these changes and the evolving needs of HP customers.
A solid foundation for keeping a business running
X86 devices are simple, right? Easy to replace, right? So it’s fine to keep them covered with standard warranty … just like in the ol’ days, right? Sorry. Wrong! It’s true that the technology hasn’t changed. X86-based servers are still simple and inexpensive. What has changed are the roles they are playing and the type of applications they are running in today’s IT environments. More and more mission critical applications are finding their way to x86 platforms. Also, more and more systems like blades are interdependent. The loss of one can take down an entire rack … all running important applications. Swapping a new one for the one that’s down is fast and easy. But is the firmware at the latest revision level? Have all necessary patches been applied? A “no” answer to either of those questions can mean prolonged downtime and big-time costs and risks for the business. That’s why standard warranty is no longer a valid option, if it really ever was. And that’s why HP Foundation Care is.

HP Foundation Care provides a sound basis for keeping your business running with support that is simple, flexible, and personal. So now, x86 platforms are as easy to support as they are to buy and operate.

What you need determines what you get
The basic services available with Foundation Care are reactive hardware and software support. But even there, you have a choice of response times, coverage windows and length-of-term options. Select next-business-day response for less critical assets and 6-hour call-to-repair for your most important ones. Or select other services depending on what you need:

  • Collaborative Support provides full support for HP hardware, along with diagnosis and advice on known-problem resolution for industry-standard software products from major independent software vendors (ISVs)—regardless of where you purchased your software licenses.
  • Support Plus and Support Plus24 provide a single number to call for hardware and software problems, as well as onsite support for hardware issues. These services also include call management and escalation management to help ensure that even the most complex problems are resolved quickly.
  • Data Privacy Services help you protect sensitive data across the entire IT lifecycle

HP Foundation Care is available for all HP assets – servers, storage, network and software – and can be purchased as an HP Care Pack Service. Simple. The cost of the service varies depending on what you need and select, but even the highest level of support will be less than the cost of just one downtime incident that has you spending hours trying to figure out why little puffs of black smoke started coming out of all the other blades in the rack right after you swapped-out that one defective one.  

New times. New realities. New services.
The time for relying on standard warranty alone is past. So is the time for adapting your realities and needs to inflexible support offers. On the other hand, the time is right for a service that was developed with your input and designed for the way you now use x86 devices: HP Foundation Care. Read more about it on the Foundation Care page on   And look for my next blog on another service in the “Care” portfolio:  HP Proactive Care.    

- Mike Cronin

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