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“Where do you guys come up with these things?” – Part 3, HP Proactive Care


Mike Cronin is Vice President, Technology Services (TS) Support, for the Americas Enterprise Group.  He has an extensive background in the services business and has been instrumental in driving the overall growth and profitability of the TS business over the past ten years.  Prior to joining HP in 1989, Mike worked at Apollo Computer, Wang Laboratories and Compugraphic Corporation. He holds an MBA in Finance from Bentley College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Merrimack College.

Sometimes, it’s best to start the development of a new service at the end.  By that, I mean to first take a look at what should happen in a specific circumstance, and then work backwards to create a service that will make sure what is supposed to happen actually does happen. That’s pretty much what we did with HP Proactive Care, the third in the “Care” portfolio of services.

We imagined we were one of our customers in a high-risk situation. A business critical application was down, and downtime costs were going up with every passing minute. We asked ourselves:  “What would we want to have happen?”  

The answer was pretty easy.  We would want to:

  1. Quickly reach high-level support resources
  2. Deal with technology experts
  3. Have a single resource who would stay with our issue until it was resolved
  4. Have the situation escalated quickly if needed
  5. Get the damned thing fixed!  NOW!

And if we were honest about what we really, really wanted, we’d ask for someone to find a way so that this issue … and any other one that would cause unplanned downtime, could be identified and fixed BEFORE any downtime happened.  (By the way, this list also matched what our customers told us they wanted.)

Price? It should definitely be in line with what x86 support should cost, but this wouldn’t be a real deal-breaker. Flexibility? It would be good to be able to match the level of service/response with the level of need. But when it came right down to it, #5 in the list above was what mattered most.      

Making #5 #1
Taking all of this into consideration, we included the fastest and best reactive support capabilities in our new HP Proactive Care service, including access to:  

  • The HP Advanced Solution Center and its proven problem-solving capabilities
  • One point of contact with a Technical Solution Specialist (TSS) who manages problems from start to finish. The TSS has a broad level of technical specialist knowledge and can leverage additional expertise as needed from our solution centers. The TSS can also use our technical problem escalation processes and collaborate with independent software vendor (ISV) partners to provide fast problem resolution
  • Support for hardware and software with a single phone call

HP Proactive Care offers three choices of coverage windows and response times to match your requirements. And its price is consistent with what you’d expect for x86 support. As a result, you spend less time coordinating and managing problems, while resolving them quickly. #5 = done!

Making #5 #2
But we were also aware that preventing problems/issues was rated much higher than fixing them. So we included a strong proactive component in Proactive Care that can make “fixing” less frequent, if not totally unnecessary. This  includes a Technical Account Manager (TAM) in the Advanced Solution Center who provides proactive management advice through periodic communication of update recommendations and reports. With Proactive Care, you also receive quarterly case-history reporting, plus twice-a-year proactive scan reports that help you identify issues and explore recommended corrections or improvements.

Want even a more personalized proactive approach?  Select the Personal Care Option that provides the services of an assigned, on-site Account Support Manager. You are also strongly encouraged to install and enable the FREE Proactive Insight Remote Support software that constantly gives you valuable insights into what’s happening in and with your IT environment.

These proactive capabilities mean that #5 really takes a back seat, because there’s no need to fix issues that no longer exist … is there?    

#1 for x86 support
HP Proactive Care has been designed specifically to support x86 environments that are now taking on new and more important roles within the enterprise. It helps x86 assets deliver better performance, greater reliability, and enhanced productivity. So it’s not surprising that its popularity has skyrocketed in the two short years it has been available and is now our top service for x86. Read more about it on the Proactive Care page on And look for my next blog on another service in the “Care” portfolio:  HP Datacenter Care.    

- Mike Cronin


NOTE: The first blog in the series about the new HP “Care” portfolio is available here. The second that discusses HP Foundation Care is available here.   

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