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Windows Server 2012 Security … “You Complete Me.”


Windows Server 2012.pngWindows Server 2012 provides a rich set of security and compliance features to enhance data security and improve governance and compliance. Of particular interest to security administrators will be the central audit and access policies, which enable granular access to data and corporate resources based on strong identity and data classification.


If you're in the planning phase of migrating to Windows Server 2012, here are some of the new or greatly enhanced security features (my favorites) that you will be able to take advantage:



Security Feature


Windows Aapps Network Isolation

Ability to set and enforce network boundaries to prevent compromised applications from accessing restricted networks.

Enhanced Firewall Services

Customizable firewall rules for Windows apps as well as firewall rules that may be created for programs and services. Fully configurable and manageable Windows Firewall, Internet Protocol security (IPsec) and related features.

Network Access Protection (NAP)

A client health policy creation, enforcement, and remediation technology to help system administrators establish and automatically enforce health policies, which can include software requirements, security update requirements, and other settings.

Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Support for online signing and automated key management, as part of the update process for DNSSEC support in the authoritative functions of Domain Name System (DNS) servers.

Enforcement of Certificate Renewal (CS) with Same Key

Increased security with Active Directory CS that requires certificate renewal with the same key, enabling the same assurance level of the original key to be maintained throughout its life cycle.

Multitenant Security and Isolation

Fully isolated network layer of the data center with server virtualization, through programmatically managed and extensible capabilities that help users connect virtual machines to physical networks with policy enforcement for enhanced security and isolation.

Increased Security with Default on Certification Authorities Role Service

Enforcement of enhanced security by CA role service in requests sent to it, encryption required for packets requesting a certificate.

Windows Azure Online Backup (cloud-based backup service)

Off-site protection against data loss from failure with a cloud-based backup solution, which allows files and folders to be backed up and recovered from the cloud.

DHCP Server Failover

Ability to deploy two DHCP servers for high-availability of DHCP services to clients, including replicating lease information between them.


Along with this information are two excellent guides published by Microsoft, the first Secure Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 will guide you through all things security and Server Hardening: Windows Server 2012 will walk you through how to further harden your Windows Server 2012 servers.


Let me know which Windows Server 2012 security features complete you. Also, check out HP’s Migration from Windows Server 2003 site for options in guiding you to your new-hardened security platform. Alternatively, if you want to educate yourself more about Windows Server 2012, checkout HP's Education Windows Server 2012 Courses.

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