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Workload Modernization: Why does it matter?


by Hande Sahin-Bahceci, Platforms Consulting Marketing - HPE Technology Services

In the digital economy, your best ideas come to life as applications and workloads. Most organizations have thousands of applications and workloads, but they may have challenges due to underperformance, high cost, poorly utilized IT infrastructure assets, or service delivery options. And yet they still need to be able to bridge applications and workloads of today, with the applications and workloads of tomorrow for cloud, mobility, IoT, big data.

While business units demand that new workloads are developed, put into production or move to cloud faster, the IT organization’s ability to respond is significantly burdened. Securing and optimizing the full workload production cycle and performance for both traditional and cloud native applications require the expertise to integrate IT operations and development, ensuring protection and compliance and closing IT operations, applications capability gaps and managing change.  

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Meanwhile, automation and orchestration of workloads become important. No wonder the use of containers such as Docker framework is also on the rise. Containers allow application developers and system administrators to package, ship and run distributed application components across different environments supporting agile and DevOps methods.

On the infrastructure side, going beyond virtualization, new platform architectures emerge supporting new and existing workloads. For example the HPE Composable Infrastructure API enables developers to integrate with development/testing/production automation tool chains and to drive a more aligned and responsive delivery of IT services. HPE Composable Infrastructure lets IT administrators and developers use infrastructure as code to control their internal environments.

All these developments require end-to-end approaches to workloads from development, testing, release to optimization and move to cloud.

 You should be looking for 3 key areas of expertise from your services and consulting partners: 

  1. Architecture: Continuous delivery of applications and services require fast, policy-based automation of applications and infrastructure across development/testing/ production environments. Senior solution architects who understand hybrid Infrastructure platform choices such as composable, cloud, software-defined architectures can help you define your future state and make the right infrastructure architecture choices.
  2. Process and organization: Understanding and analysis of IT operational policies, service agreements, compliance requirements, related corporate governance processes, service delivery options, support and security needs become critical. Agile development and DevOps practices require more than automation closing the organizational gaps and managing change for continuous delivery.  
  3.  IT Infrastructure: This includes expertise to plan for, design and implement innovative infrastructure solutions that can support agile application environments. It is critical to integrate IT operations and development environments and modernize workloads while making best use of containerization, composable infrastructure and infrastructure management, data center automation technologies.

This week at HPE Discover, Vegas, HPE is announcing new services to modernize your workloads based on these most needed expertise. HPE Workload Modernization Consulting Services helps you to modernize and move workloads (data, apps, OS/middleware) to new target platforms through standardization, consolidation, upgrade, virtualization, migration, and automation of these workloads.

Specifically for DevOps environments, HPE Workload Modernization services help organizations improve and optimize the end to end lifecycle of the existing workloads (development, testing, release, deployment and maintenance of the workloads) leveraging containerization. HPE offers advisory, design, and integration services for IT organizations looking to make their DevOps strategy real.

Advisory service helps the IT enterprises to transition smoothly from a traditional to high-speed, modern IT exploring the possibilities with DevOps in 1–4 weeks.

Design service provides solution and builds your implementation plan based on detailed analysis of your people, process, technology capabilities, development, deployment environment, integration, automation needs, and tool selection.

Integration service implements your solution as well as integrates your agile and traditional environments for modernized workloads. It also enables nearly continuous delivery with smooth transition to automation support for data center infrastructure of your DevOps environment.

Also HPE announced this week:

HPE Workload Analysis Services - discover and analyse the workloads in a customer’s estate, using the unique HPE – developed Aura tool with advanced pattern recognition, to group and categorize the many workloads, making them ready to map to the right mix of IT sources – private, hosted, managed, or public cloud, or to stay with traditional IT.   This saves an enormous amount of time and simplifies what is otherwise an impossible task, enabling organizations to move quickly to “the cloud” without moving to the wrong mix out of haste.

Platform Protection and Compliance Service: HPE is launching a combination of processes and tools, leveraging different security standards (CIS, NIST, ISO, and DISA), to assess and lock down the security-related settings of different platforms such as operating systems, application and cloud platforms. These processes and tools, developed by HPE, will help organizations comply with regulations (such as PCI, SOX, and HIPAA) and strengthen the security posture of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Helion Agile Development service, for the new workloads that will be “cloud-native”. We help customers through the first cycles, to build expertise both in agile development styles and in the HPE Helion Development Platform.   Short cut the change process with expert coaching and help, to reach and sustain hi-performance agile development.

Education Services for Composable Infrastructure: HPE offers management of change services and training assistant to move your organization forward with DevOps and composable infrastructure. HPE now offers Hyper Converge 250 for Microsoft and VMWare environments and HperConverge 380 training for cloud, virtualization and VDI.


More information:

HPE Workload Modernization Consulting Services

HPE Cloud and Infrastructure Protection Services

New Courses: HPE Hyper Converged 250 and 380



About the Author


Jeff James is a Content Marketing Strategy Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, focusing on HPE Technology Services. He is the former Editorial Director for the Petri IT Knowledgebase, and also was the Editor-in-Chief of both Windows IT Pro and Microsoft Technet Magazine. Jeff also served as an editorial director at the LEGO Company, and has more than 20 years of experience as an award-winning technology writer, journalist, and digital content producer. Jeff started writing technology articles for AmigaWorld, Computer Gaming World, and other tech publications and websites in the early 1990's.

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