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Your Blueprint for Digital Transformation: at HPE Discover in Las Vegas


You haven’t heard of HPE Pointnext yet? As a services organization with 25,000 experts around the world ready to help your enterprise transform, it’s an organization you’re going to want to know. According to the “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2017 Predictions” report: there is “…tremendous momentum in the influence of digital transformation on technology spending across geographies and industries. Digital transformation is a board-level initiative and is at the heart of business strategies for companies of all sizes.” So what does this growing trend look like? IDC estimates that there is the potential for over $18 trillion of new value to be gained.

With that statistic, digital transformation is more than a ‘trend’—it’s a cultural force driven by consumers wanting digital experiences NOW, and organizations are scurrying to provide solutions (that just happen to be scalable, affordable, and efficient). Now, how do companies get from where they are now, to where they want to be? They work with a partner that understands transformation, has the experience and expertise to guide you, and helps take your business where you need to go.  HPE Pointnext recognizes that customers are at different phases in their journey. If business and IT digital initiatives are still disconnected and are poorly aligned with enterprise strategy, they are in a very early phase of their journey, or as IDC says: they are a “Digital Register.”  (If you would like to see all the phases of an enterprise’s digital transformation journey, see IDC’s Digital Transformation MaturityScape Stage Overview).

So if you’re an organization facing a challenging journey ahead, HPE Pointnext is here for you. At HPE Discover Las Vegas, June 5-8, we’ll have a wealth of resources available to enable your journey. To see the full guide of the experiences HPE Pointnext is providing, click here




Experience the magic of innovation. We’ll have 17 different demos to allow you to dig into the solutions that we offer. Here are some you’ll want to add to your “must-see” list:

  • DEMO902: Experience the thrill of watching NBA basketball or M1GT racing with a digital environment at your fingertips. Virtually experience the thrill of sporting events while learning about the latest in venue fan experiences, context-aware location technologies, and how they apply to your enterprise environment.
  • DEMO907: HPE Pointnext customer wall showcases how we engage with customers. We work with customers across many industries, and we leverage learnings to drive faster and more efficient transformations. Real examples tied to real outcomes.
  • DEMO906: Get answers to your pressing problems from our global experts, or find out what is happening in and around HPE Pointnext. Sometimes, spending five minutes with an expert can save you hours or even weeks of research. Challenge our experts on any pressing problem you have, such as hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, data and analytics or IT consumption.


Learn from our leading exerts, execs, and consultants. These hot topics and discussions of trends will answer some of your most pressing questions.

  • SL12887: Explore HPE Pointnext, a new and exciting way to simplify and accelerate what's next on your digital transformation journey. In this session, led by HPE Pointnext SVP & GM Ana Pinczuk and customers REI and M1GT Racing, they will explore the exciting new services business at HPE.
  • B12728: Thriving in the age of digital disruption, real-life learnings from customer examples. Expert Craig Partridge will discuss key principles that underpin this transformation, as well as what a digital transformation blueprint can look like to chart your own journey. Real-life use cases and customer projects successfully delivered will be used as examples.
  • B12729: Strategies to secure and protect hybrid IT in today’s digital world. Security is regularly cited as one of the top three challenges when adopting any type of cloud service. At this session, expert Lois Boliek will explore the major hybrid IT security concerns and how you can address them through time-tested best practices across people, processes and technology.

Transformation Workshops

What if, before taking your next step in your transformation journey, you could see into the future and quantify the opportunities and risks? What if you could see what is possible between now and the next 3–12 months, and then achieve it?

  • We offer transformation workshops on 13 different hot topics (think Hybrid IT, App Transformation, Blockchain and more). See the descriptions and sign up here.

 HPE Pointnext is excited working directly with customers to ensure they have the right technologies, tools and processes to achieve their goals. By making hybrid IT simple and powering the Intelligent Edge, HPE enables organizations to digitize core operations, innovate new products and services, and deliver better experiences to their customers. See you in Vegas!





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