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"Crossing the Security Skills Gap", a New IDC Infographic


IDC has published a new infographic this month, on the growing security skills gap and how organizations can bridge that gap. The infographic is sponsored by our team at HPE.

Download the infographic here:

 Security Infographic.PNG

There are some great data points presented within the infographic. Some of the highlights that I spotted, include:

  • The growing risks and need for skilled and qualified cyber security experts, with:
    • 75% of firms experiencing some type of security event in 2014, and
    • 33% impacted by cybercrime
    • 63% of organizations are not prepared to respond
  • The high value that organizations are placing on people with these skills, with salaries and signing bonuses sky-rocketing
  • The key role of training and development in helping organizations to close the gap
  • Certifications matter, and on-going training is critical to ensuring on-going security capability

What’s the difference between a security event and cybercrime?

In discussing the data presented on the infographic with Cushing Anderson, one of the key analysts with whom we work at IDC, there is a big difference between cyber security events and cybercrime.

Security events are typically mistakes made by people working in the organization – and are occurring at high frequency to most organizations. One way to “cross the gap” and help organizations lower the frequency of these events, is to raise the skills and awareness of their teams through appropriate cyber security training.

How can organizations do this? This is where HPE can help. We offer a full range of cyber security training opportunities, designed to make it easy to develop deeper skills and qualifications for IT teams as well as enable workforce teams to become aware of how they can lower security risks for their organization.

Cybercrime – in contrast to security events which occur most often inside an organization – are organized and intentional attacks by “black hats”, most often coming from outside the company. Although less than half of organizations are affected annually by this threat, a single incidence of cybercrime can cost an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as impact company reputation. As such, this type of risk is typically the focus of security investments and initiatives, with the goal of lowering these risks and preventing.

However, organizations in their cybersecurity investments typically protect IT systems, networks and other critical infrastructure. What they often miss, are training for their workforce teams. As the protections for IT systems are strengthened, “black hats” often switch their attacks to more vulnerable workforce teams through email attacks like phishing, and other tactics. Without appropriate training, these teams can unwittingly open a so-called “back door” to cyber criminals who are able to exploit these entry points to company systems, infrastructure, and data.

Some advice on closing the gaps in cybersecurity for your organization

As it turns out, training is a key strategy to help your organization close the cyber security skills gap.

If you are an IT professional, consider using some of the data on the IDC infographic to help justify the courses and certifications in security that you need to help your organization lower security risks. Your new credentials can also help your organization to have better credibility, as well as help you to grow your career and value.

If you are responsible for your organization’s overall cybersecurity programs, then you can benefit from knowing how HPE Security User Awareness Training (SUAT) is designed to enable your workforce to quickly, easily, and effectively change their habits to reduce risks and exposures for your organization.

For more information, visit our Cybersecurity Resource Page for more insights, information and links to helpful resources.

We also invite you to Contact Us, and ask to speak to one of our security training experts to receive tailored advice and training options fit to your specific needs.

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