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Transition from e3000
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3000 MPE/iX 4.0 migration

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3000 MPE/iX 4.0 migration

I have an HP-3000 series 935. The DTC is an HP
2345A. The transciever is an HP ThinMAU 28641A. I am looking for the
solution (hardware and software) that will allow me to connect the
3000 into a 10BaseT network and access/migrate all of it's data
into my MS Windows server environment. Basically, we are trying
to get rid of the old HP-3000. SHOWME displays the following: MPE/iX HP31900 B.30.45
User Version: B.40.00
I've been told that this might not be possible due to the MPE/iX version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: 3000 MPE/iX 4.0 migration

I did this a long time ago, so my memory is a bit vague.

I used a D-Link DE-853 Ethernet transceiver.

Hope this helps.
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Re: 3000 MPE/iX 4.0 migration

Once the hardware is connected, how do i retrieve the files on the HP3000? Is there a version of Samba that will work with my old version of MPE/iX? So far what I've read about Samba only refers to version 6 and above.
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Re: 3000 MPE/iX 4.0 migration

I'm new at this but I can tell you.

I got files off of the hp via ftp and pushed them to my local machine like so.


> //username and password stuff
> verbose
> mput *

it will put all the files in the current directory.

Of course you will have to have a ftp server running on your local machine. I am running osx so that was no problem. :p

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Re: 3000 MPE/iX 4.0 migration

Hi Bryan
I dont think Samba will work on such an old version of the O.S, FTP sure you can do it but what exactly are you trying to get off the box ? My favorite if you are going to port to another system has been a report writer if the info is coming from a database, produce the extract and then if you have MS92 or Reflections do a file transfer via the serial link. Sure its going to be slower than IP, but unless you are talking large amounts of data this might be the easiest way and no cost !!! Image database you cannot transfer into a meaningful file on a windows environment. It all comes down to quantities of data.