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Conference call - MPE emulator - pls read

paul courry
Honored Contributor

Conference call - MPE emulator - pls read

At the request of Jon Backus, chairman of the Open MPE forum I am posting this notice of an upcoming conference call. I believe this is important to the MPE community and it's ecosystem of vendors, hence it's posting. Should this violate the rules of this forum, contact me directly before removing.

It is designed for companies that either wish to develop an emulator for the MPE/iX operating system or are Independent Software Vendors that market software for the MPE/iX platform.

Cross posted to be sure and reach as many vendors as possible.


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From: OpenMPE Support Group [mailto:OPENMPE@RAVEN.UTC.EDU]On Behalf Of
Jonathan M. Backus
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 2:20 PM
Subject: [OPENMPE] Emulator Company / Independent Software Vendor

At this time there are three different companies that have expressed
interest in the idea of creating a "PA-RISC" emulator. They are Allegro,
Software Resources International (SRI), and Strobe Data. Now that
Hewlett-Packard has announced the plans for an MPE Licensing program that
would allow the MPE environment to be loaded onto "non-HPe3000" hardware.
Some of the ongoing concerns about this idea of an emulator platform have
come from the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) segment of the community and
they center around the ISV's ability to protect their investment from
illegal use.
To help move the process to the next step OpenMPE is facilitating
between each of the Emulator companies and the Software Vendors. An
invitation was extended to each of the potential emulator companies. At this
time, Allegro is the only company that feels they are in a position to
conduct such a meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, March 4th, 2003 @
1:00 pm (EST).
If your company owns a software product that runs in the MPE
(i.e., application or utility) and you would like to be included in the
conference call, then please complete the form on the OpenMPE web site

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