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HP 3000 migration

Dean Schumacher
Occasional Visitor

HP 3000 migration

We have used the JMS3000 scheduler for many years with our HP 3000 systems. We are looking for a batch scheduler for our new Windows environment with the same capabilities as the JMS3000 scheduler. Our HP 3000 batched and streamed jobs were mostly created using various Cognos products. The batch and interactive jobs in the new Windows environment will be created using C#.NET and VB.NET. What would you recommend as the best product for ensuring a smooth and seamless migration of our batched and streamed processes to the new Windows environment?
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 3000 migration

Hello Dean,

You may want to contact the JMS3000 vendor Design3000Plus; they may have a similar product for Windows.

Design 3000 Plus, Inc.
3470 Pipebend Place NE, Suite 120
Salem, OR 97301 USA
503.585.0512 fax: 503.585.1706

Following are links to some job schedulers migration sites:
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