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HP 3K migration - RPG and VPLUS

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HP 3K migration - RPG and VPLUS


We are looking for a solution to migrate RPG II applictions and VPLUS screens to HP 9000 platform. The objective is to have a one-to-one migration to HP9K.

Please let us know if
1. there are conversion tools available to move from RPG II to the latest version of RPG and what is the automation conversion percentage ?
2. if the above is not available, are there reliable tools from RPG II to COBOL ?
3. What is the best alternative for the VPLUS screens on HP9K ? We would like to have as little re-development as possible, preferably with a tool.

Kwan Fong, Emile
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Re: HP 3K migration - RPG and VPLUS

Hello Bala,

Take a look at the HP Transition Home page; it contains valued informations regarding MPE/iX transition:
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Chuck Ciesinski
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Re: HP 3K migration - RPG and VPLUS


First, welcome to the MPE/iX section of the ITRC. Second, Emile has directed you to a very good source of migration information. There are a couple of other good areas to look at like the HP3000-L listserver hosted at UTC. That list is also monitored by a whole lot of HP3000 professionals. It's address is

Another good source of data would be at Interex, the International Association of HP Computing Users. At last years HPWorld conference, there were several very good sessions on migration. Interex can be found at www,


Chuck Ciesinski

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