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HP300 to AS400 data

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HP300 to AS400 data

do we have something that can run comparison between AS400 data with HP3000 data. After data migration (from HP3000 to AS400) we need to compare the results.
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Re: HP300 to AS400 data

How are you migrating the data? How big are the files to be compared? Are the HP3000 files Unix? Stored in AS/400 Posix file space? Converted to native AS/400 DDS? Do you have ODBC connectivity to the HP3000?

Depending upon tools available, there are multiple ways to import/export AS/400 data. I am more familiar with some than others. Fill in the blanks about the operating environments and I'll see if I can point you somewhere productive.
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Re: HP300 to AS400 data


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