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NS Configuration (HP3000/918)

Occasional Contributor

NS Configuration (HP3000/918)

I have connect a HP3000 to a PC with a card LAN. The PC is in a workgroup (IP Address definite), the HP is configured (NS configuration).
The problem is that the command : NETCONTROL START;NET=nameLAN, doesn't work = err 42.
Is it because of the path physical LANIC that I defined myself : 56/56.10 ?
There is no conflit with DTC validation !
Jorge Pons
Trusted Contributor

Re: NS Configuration (HP3000/918)


How many lan cards has the HP3000?. If one you have to configure the same LINK to NS and DTS.

If 2 lan cards, you have to configure the new one with the newlanic and assign it to the NS configuration.

Otherwise, as I remember, 918 machine has lanic 56/56 as default.

HTH, Jorge.
Jorge Pons
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Re: NS Configuration (HP3000/918)

Hi again,

I forget to comment, but I suppose you are validating NETXPORT also.

Regards, Jorge
James Harrington
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Re: NS Configuration (HP3000/918)

We use the standard lan port on our 918.

The physical path is 56/56

To start the network we do:


Hope this helps.
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Re: NS Configuration (HP3000/918)

Thank you for your precious help.
I have make all that:
- I have a Hp3000/918.
- I have changed the physical path of the LANIC from 56/56.10 to 56/56.
- The name of the LANIC is the same to NS and DTS = DTSLINK.
- I have validated the NETXPORT in the NMMGR.
- I have started the network with:

But, it is always the same problem.
Is it because I used a coaxial cable? Will a special cable be necessary for the connection?
Kwan Fong, Emile
Honored Contributor

Re: NS Configuration (HP3000/918)

Hello Djamila,

What is the exact error message and number when you run the :NETCONTROL command?
King is the customer!
Vicente Sanchez_3
Respected Contributor

Re: NS Configuration (HP3000/918)

Hi Djamila,

Can you attach a file with a screen copy of the error?.

This can help much more.

Regards, Vicente.