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Read FCOPY tape with DD in HPUX

Ron Angel_1
Occasional Visitor

Read FCOPY tape with DD in HPUX

I have some database files written to tape with FCOPY using a fixed record length. I'm only able to get every tenth record from the tape to a file using dd.
Lars Appel
Trusted Contributor

Re: Read FCOPY tape with DD in HPUX


depending on the blocking factor that the tape has been written with, you might need to use the dd options cbs=n and conv=unblock to get the lines split on the unix side...

For example, if you create a tape with rec size 80 bytes and block factor of 10, the physical tape records contain 800 bytes each. So you would split them with dd like this...

:file t ;dev=tape ;rec=-80,10,f,ascii
:fcopy from=myfile ;to=*t

$dd if=/dev/tape of=myfile ibs=800 obs=80 cbs=80 conv=unblock

The above is from memory, I don't have a unix system at hand to try. However, it might get you into the right direction ;-)