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number of tables

Occasional Contributor

number of tables

Please let me know,for a database size of 35GB, what will be the approximate number of tables
Roshan Shah_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: number of tables


You will never get a right answer to this question and you already probably know why!

Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

Re: number of tables


I do not believe that there is a clear rule of thumb for IMAGE data sets to ORACLE or SQL tables. I could be wrong, but I've NEVER seen one.

Chuck Ciesinski
"Show me the $$$$$"
Gary Tinnes
Frequent Advisor

Re: number of tables

You cannot equate database size with number tables. That is dependent on your data model. There is a loose correlation between Image datasets & tables. I say loose for two reasons:

1) Performance issues moving from a networked hierarchical to relational model.

2) Data types & DBMS management overhead.